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Default Wireless of the Week - week 32

The Canadian Wireless Set No.58 was a slick little radio that should have been a success, but was little used except for propaganda photographs during the war and in cadet corps afterwards. It was a Canadian designed and built alternative to the British No.18 set and its failure was more a result of its unique battery, that could not be supplied as readily as those for its competitors, than any failing of the set itself.

Paraphrased from the Working Instructions, the Wireless Set No.58 is a short range telephony (voice) set for use in forward areas intended primarily for inter-battalion use, for use by paratroops or other isolated troops working away from their H.Q. It may be used as a ground station in the open or under cover. It may also be used as a man-carried pack set on the march or during manoeuvres, at which time it is operated by the man who is carrying it. The set is entirely self contained, comprising a sender, a receiver and aerial equipment.

The 58 set came in a number of variants. Originally it had the set mounted in a single unit with the battery below. The more common and first production model was the No.58 Mk.1 shown here (made by Addison Industries in 1943). This was followed by a Mk.1* version in a smaller, stamped metal case with a waterproof lid, and that by a Mk.1* Tropical set.

Despite being a replacement for the British 18 set, the Canadians chose to configure their set more like the No.38. The sender receiver was in a case worn on the operator’s left breast and had buckles to attach it to a set of ‘37 Pattern web equipment. A hinged, waterproof lid allowed access to the set’s controls, and a canvas quiver was attached to the lid to hold the sectional or telescopic aerials. The ‘Battle Battery’ consisted of a dry static battery supplying 1.5, 90 and 180 volts in a metal case with leads to the set and for two headset assemblies. The Battle Battery was mounted in a ’37 Pattern small pack worn on the operator’s back with a lead to the top of the set connected over his left shoulder. A spare valve case, wire aerial and headsets were also carried in the small pack. The weight and shape of the sender receiver together with the selection of mounting locations made this a rather uncomfortable set to wear. A fragile plastic aerial socket was on side of the set. The send/receive switch was on the set face (not the mic) connected by a spring loaded lever and plunger on the outside so the send function could be operated when the radio lid was closed. The set is 14” tall by 6-5/8” wide by 5-3/4” deep and the weight including battle battery and complete equipment is 30 lbs. Frequency is 5 to 9 MHz with a range of 3 miles with a 6 foot sectional aerial and up to 5 miles with a 12 foot rod.

An alternative power supply was a Vibrator Power Unit, which along with the No.58 Mk.1* Tropical will be covered next week.
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thanks for this informations and photos.
Do you know if this set was used in france. I have never see photos from the WW2 with this set.
There is a long time i have two in my collection, and one coming with his original battery. Some photos from this set i have sold.
daniel from france

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Default WS-58 set in a movie

While watching the movie "Blue murder at St Trinian's made in 1958. I spotted a Canadian MK 1 ws-58 set sitting on a table next to a field telephone. A little later on of the school girls is wearing the VPU power suppyl.
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