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Old 02-12-19, 23:36
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Default shimmysorber

I was stripping out those incinerated axle assemblies over the weekend and noticed the attempt to damp the steering

Welded on huge chunks of steel and add a “shimmysorber”

The inertia weight of the steel attachment would have either helped or once the shimmy started would have made it worse

Click image for larger version

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cheers rod
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Old 03-12-19, 01:40
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Default Steering dampers not a cure for shimmy

Hi Rod

I've got modern heavy-duty steering dampers on my HUP and C60S Pat 13,
they may help control steering shimmy but they do not cure it. I installed them after steering kick back drove my elbow into the door so hard as to numb my arm for an hour or more. What's bad about the Pattern 13s is the window mounting bracket are perfect for catching your elbow.

The dampers are one of those "modern upgrades " that really worth it if you are going to do any off roading. Interesting find older equipment. It is one of those adds that can be done with no welding, both of mine used existing bolt mount locations. An yes the dampers do seem to stop or control stearlng kickback.

Now as to tracking fixing shimmy it can be cured.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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Old 05-12-19, 15:05
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The old damping attempt is interesting. I know of a couple of other CMP owners in UK who have fitted dampers.

As for my C60s, after the front wheel pivot bearing re-shimming in the summer is has no "Shimmy" and drives the perfectly, the best it has ever been in my ownership.
So despite all the other work carried out that made slight improvements, the real clincher is getting the shimming right: tight, but not too tight!
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