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Default you are a true historian, Mr Down

Charlie: I for you.

Keep up the detective work
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Default LRDG HQ Wireless Trucks

So Bob Amos-Jones and I were having a bit of a look at some different LRDG trucks, well actually we were looking at LRDG Medical trucks, but thatís literally another story.
We were looking at the vehicles based on the late standard Patrol trucks, the Chevrolet 1533X2 models photographed below, which we believe to be all of the same vehicle type. We discussed various features as annotated in the photos and came to the conclusion that these trucks were not medical trucks, but HQ Wireless trucks. Not something that has previously been researched to our knowledge, so has been quite interesting to look into. Many thanks to John J. Valenti for timely supply of new photographs that gave us significantly more information and details.
What we donít know is how many were converted to this role, but we know a bit more about the radio procedures to have an educated guess about their function. The LRDG signallers had the latest training in long range radio communication and were the deciding factor in the range they could send messages, not the ability of the wireless equipment. Their Patrol trucks had Wireless sets No11 (HP), High Power, to maximise their range, usually through a Windom centre feed aerial mounted on 16í (5 metre) 2 part duraluminium poles. The patrol vehicles used two 6 volt truck batteries to provide the 12 volts needed for the wireless, which were also charged through a switch panel from the truck generator, simple and effective. Standard British Army Wireless trucks however used four 6 volt Wireless batteries, 2 charging whilst the other 2 provided power to the wireless. The truck battery was separate from the Wireless set up. They could be charged through a switch panel by the truck generator or by a chorehorse, a small petrol generator, that could be used while the truck was stationary. We believe the LRDG HQ trucks resorted to this setup, as there is no booster battery on the side step. The trucks were used at HQ or sometimes deployed further afield to help extend or resend messages from and to Patrols, HQ or Cairo, which seems to be the justification of using a valuable Chevrolet 1533X2 chassis for a HQ truck, when the Patrols were getting exceedingly short of trucks.
These trucks seem to have been made as a batch as they have very similar features, including many of the standard LRDG fittings, sand mats and channels, condensers, racks for 2 gallon cans, etc, but the lack of defensive weapons is very telling and suggests they worked in relatively safe areas and were supported by other assets who provided any defensive capability and logistic support to supplement the limited stowage options for extra Petrol and water, etc. Other features of note are only 1 spare wheel, added stowage lockers, no visible aerial mounts, lack of switch panel in the cab, and location of windows and doors.
Any comments/information always welcome.
Photos courtesy of John J. Valenti and IWM!
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