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Old 08-02-12, 11:51
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Default Cab 12 oil filler plug

I've seen a couple of cab 12s with this rubber plug on the rear of the engine cover, albeit perished.

Does anyone know of a replacement, or source of supply for this part?
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Old 09-02-12, 05:05
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Default plug


Somebody skilled in milling or lathe work could make one of those out of a modern material eg nylon or similar .. that counts me out

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Old 09-02-12, 06:45
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Default Rubber casting

If we could get a NOS one or one that was near perfect
I now of a guy that does Rubber Casting, What i have seen
of his previous work he does an excellent job
Regards Dennis
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Old 09-02-12, 16:29
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Brian Asbury used to have them NOS, but I am going back a while, into the 90s. He usually saves one for a pattern, so maybe there is hope. Jordan was doing some casting of rubber parts. Maybe he would take on the project.
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Old 12-02-12, 15:00
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sold a couple of NOS ones in the past couple of years. I picked them up about 20 yrs ago, from another collector who himself obtained them several years earlier... so there should be a couple of extremely good examples out there.

70 yr old NOS specialized parts (eg CMP) are almost impossible to find these days
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