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Old 09-08-07, 13:11
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Default Sources & Prices

Hi all
As a follow up to the Softskin Forum re. how much should one pay for a Blitz, I thought it may be useful to gather restorer's data on costs of items and good sources. This would not only help current restorers but give an indication to new restorers what they could be in for. This would also be a good opportunity for fabricators or people who have access to fabricators to advertise their wares. I don't know whether it would be feasible to create sub-categories within this thread, e.g. radiators, doors, windscreen frames, tyres etc or have everything just jumbled together. I'll leave that to the bosses.

Anyway I'll start. About three years ago a new Ford Blitz radiator core with my tanks - $1150, source Natrad in Adelaide.

As I find my cost spreadsheets on projects I'll keep adding to this thread.

BTW I am a fabricator, I do Ford and Chevrolet Blitz instrument panels.

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Old 09-08-07, 13:26
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Thumbs up

Excellent idea Bob. Will take a lot of the " I wonder" out of it hopefully.
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Old 09-08-07, 13:38
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James Plush
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Great idea Bob i could use some directions for parts !
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Old 09-08-07, 16:00
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Default International flavor...

Bonjour Bob

such a table would be very useful but should include date of purchase and which continent......

I have just heard from a member in Italy that he paid $270 Euro for a local Italian repro 216 water pump........ ouch....

It would be important to ID parts as used, NOS, rebuilt, etc....

source such as EBay , local flea market, specialized collectors flea markets, private individuals, repro dealers,

I have been stocking up on used distributors (235 - 261) and have paid from $3.75 US to $95 for NOS from EBay.... and the cheap one was in very usable shape..... dizzy caps and associated parts are readily available from auto parts store that has a patient part person to deal with...... price on a par with USA specialized old chevy parts dealers....

Just found a source for Spicer U joints (C15a) at $30 dollars Cdn over the counter from a truck suppliers in Ottawa......

Table could be merged to include the old/modern part numbers and make....

I would suggest the parts be indexed similar to the MB manauls using same group numbers.....engine 0.001, coolings 1.000 etc.

Will gladly share all my info/experience.....

It might be a good idea to have a seperate section in the forum..

Problem with all such ventures is that someone has to update the recent input info...... we all have precious information to share but usually prefer to spend time installing the parts than to list them.......

Courage mon ami.....

Bob Carriere....B.T.B
C15a Cab 11
Hammond, Ontario
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Old 10-08-07, 03:09
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Hi Bob and others
Our indefatigable and intrepid Sunray has immediately taken up this challenge and already has contingencies in place.

Well done again Jif. I'm pleased and proud that you took my initial request for a Restoration Forum on board and now this enhancement that I hope will really assist restorers. Being a salesman perhaps we could entice some professionals to advertise with fees going towards the MLU upkeep.

Thanks - Bob
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Old 10-08-07, 03:56
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No worries, mate, a good idea is always welcome! Whether I listen or not is a whole 'nuther story...

I'll try to get that template up tomorrow, but other stuff has kept me busy tonight (aside from the silliness here).

:remember :support
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