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Old 30-07-12, 23:56
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Default Ford brake master cylinder
This is the exact master cylinder as on my 20CWT trailer. Ford and may be of interest to others on the forum.
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Old 31-07-12, 01:02
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CARDONE SELECT Part # 1334572 CAD$34.94

This master cylinder above is available from for the price shown above. It also is perfect for the early Fords. Wheel cylinders can be had from them as well for $32 each, front or rears. I believe the trailers use the same cylinders. Hard to beat those prices.
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Old 02-08-12, 13:10
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Default Rockauto Parts

I have bought both front & rear wheel cylinders from Rockauto. The rear ones I bought about a year ago, and the front ones ordered roughly a week ago. They have arrived already, and were able to be tracked through the journey for piece of mind. I found that not only were the parts cheaper than most sources, but the all important shipping costs were substantially lower as well.

One other source I looked at would have charged me $110AUD to ship the two front cylinders from US to Australia. Rockauto charged roughly $35AUD. That saving in shipping alone, could almost pay for my next order, which will be the master cylinder you were describing. Incidentally, both sets of ordered parts were Raybestos brand, and not low quality items.

At combined cost of $86AUD for the master, including shipping, why wouldn't you buy from them!!!!

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Old 02-08-12, 14:04
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Rock auto lists the same master cylinder with other company names, like raybestos etc, but I am pretty sure that all these companies are pretty much using Chinese supplied copies now anyway. The part number I list shows very little application, but note the part number ends in the same 4 digits, which seems to be the common number on many of the various distributors for this item.

Here in Canada, NAPA wants $185 for that same master cylinder. I had 3 of these Cardone cylinders purchased for the museum, and still had plenty of change left over rather than buying the one locally. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for supporting the local businesses, but they have to be somewhat reasonably competitive. In many cases, when I do try to order it locally, I get back: "have to order that out of the states." Well for a fifth of the price, so can I.
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