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Ed, thanks for the numbers. They correlate with the numbers given by Maloney in his book 'War Without Battles.'

I have some documents which provide the numbers of the M113 family sent to Germany. Most are planning documents which were anticipating the space required to accommodate all the new vehicles.

CBUE S5025-8 (EME) Accommodation Planning 7 Apr 64
2. Aim
The aim of this study is to produce recommendations respecting changes in accommodation for maintenance and repair of equipment within 4 CIBG/CBUE Garrison Stations necessitated by the introduction of M113A1 Carriers and A Tk Coy and bearing in mind that the Service Battalion will be formed.
Annex A (revised Jul 64) Basic Data and Information
1. Quantity of Vehicles
No distinction is drawn between the M113A1 and the M577A1 for maintenance purposes except insofar as size may affect accommodation. Basic information on the vehicles is as follows:
a. No of Vehicles
(1) Bde HQ 2
(2) Recce Sqn 6
(3) Fd Regt 11
(4) Fd Sqn 7
(5) Inf Bn (each) 68
(6) A Tk Coy 27
(7) Maintenance Pool 35
Total 292

Then came word of an additional purchase.

Commander’s Garrison Orders Group Minutes 13 Nov 64
3. Organization and Equipment
c. APCs. An additional buy of 500 APCs has been made. NO delivery dates are available.

Your numbers show 482 vehicles were acquired over 1965-66. Rounded up that's 500 vehicles. With the additional purchase, now 396 instead of 292 vehicles were going to Germany. (Unfortunately, charts can't be inserted into messages here, so you have to relate the number to the heading on your own.)

4 CIBG: 6001-Carriers M113 (G) APC Distribution 3 Dec 64
1. Reference is made to Minutes of Commander’s Garrison Orders Group, 4 CIBG: S1300-151/4 (G) dated 13 Nov 64, paragraph 3c.
2. Information has been received on the proposed distribution of APCs after receipt of vehicles off the second contract. New deliveries will amount to 104 bringing the total number of APCs in 4 CIBG to 396. Delivery dates for the additional carriers have not been advised but it is expected that they will arrive during the Fall of 1965.
3. Following is the proposed allocation to units based on information available now:
Unit APC Comd Cargo Total Remarks
Bde HQ - 2 - 2
Recce Sqn 6 - - 6
Armd Regt 3 2 12 17
Fd Regt 15 6 24 45 incl 2 CM radar
Fd Sqn 13 - 5 18
Inf Bns (x3) 237 9 12 258 (86 each bn)
A Tk Coy 15 - - 15
Sub Total 289 19 53 361
Reserve 27 3 5 35
Total 316 22 58 396

I have a document from 1975 which provided the number of vehicles in Germany and the total holdings in the CF. The first number after the type is the number then in Germany. The second is the total of CF holdings.

3136-1 (DLP) Proposed New WE 4 CMBG 22 Dec 75
Annex C
11. M113 (All) 308 827
12. M548 56 81
13. M577 23 51

Finally, the numbers provided by Maloney on page 192 of his book.

The M-113 family of vehicles acquired over the 1965-1968 period included the M-577 command post and the M-548 tracked cargo carrier. Three hundred and sixteen (316) of the 961 M-113 family ordered by Canada went to 4 CIBG.

That's all I got.

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