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Old 30-11-19, 19:11
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There was discussion in an older thread about the carrier that is still in Guadalcanal (as Tony is talking about) It seems that this picture is strong evidence, that it is not a Kiwi carrier. Or is the rabbit hole more complicated?

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So many questions....
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Old 02-12-19, 11:45
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Default I have re-read earlier posts ...

I believe this is an Australian carrier in Honiara.

The 3 (NZ) Div did not take LP carriers to the Solomons or New Caledonia.
Instead they took UC models including 3" Mortar carriers.

All 3 Div vehicles were returned to NZ in mid to late 1944 after 3 Div was withdrawn and disbanded due to manpower shortages in NZ.
Many 3 Div people were posted as reinforcements to 2 Div in Italy.

In a report by the NZ Quartermaster General to 31 March 1944 no carriers are listed in the vehicles sold to US Forces.
And the vehicles supplied to 3 Div are all accounted for at 31 March 1944.

There are accounts of Marines having NZ carriers and pictures of US Marines with NZ Army Indian motorcycles in NZ but I doubt they were shipped overseas when they went to the Island campaigns.

It would be interesting to find the date of the photo on the beach at Guadalcanal.

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Old 17-12-19, 09:02
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The book describes the visit as 'an expedition was hastily organised at the end of November 1942'. It later goes on 'It was eight o'clock of a January morning' then explains they flew from Espiritu Santo to Henderson Field by RNZAF Hudson so January 1943.

The author mentions a short film was made as a result of their visit Base For Attack. I wonder if a copy exists? Edit. In National Archive Wellington database:

Produced by NZ National Film Unit
16mm black and white print with sound
(status: not assessed)

Unfortunately the copy is restricted for issue for conservation.


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