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Old 20-07-08, 21:58
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Derek Heuring
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Default Clark-Airs and Chindits

Originally Posted by sapper740 View Post
Here's an interesting shot of a Clarkair CA-1 after it was ejected from it's glider at landing zone "Broadway" during the night of April 5-6 1944. The bulldozer was undamaged and no injuries resulted from the unplanned ejection.

Here, I assume is the same Clark-Air hard at work on LZ Broadway. The RE's that were with the Chindits are most likely overjoyed to have use of the dozer as opposed to clearing the strip by hand.

CHIMO! Derek
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Old 28-12-18, 04:10
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Default Any for sale??

Thought Id ask the question and resurrect the old thread. Does anyone know of one of these CA-1s for sale in Australia?
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Old 28-12-18, 18:26
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Default How about a little test drive video


We have a couple of these little Dozers come to our summer rally. Here is a little video shot at the 2017 rally stuck my gopro head camera on the owners head as he took it for a turn around the field for that's drivers eye view.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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Old 29-12-18, 11:11
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Here is a modern video.
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Old 09-02-20, 15:51
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Alex Schmidt
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Just to revive this thread a bit, mine is (almost) ready now, and has been taken to some events, here it is with the Glider exposition in Oosterbeek, last September.


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