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Old 31-12-04, 02:11
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Default High prises on scrap metal

This is a warnig to all of you that knows of a good project, but are lurcing round your garage looking for a space for it...
The prises on scarp metal are gone sky high around the world.
The Chineese are all over buying whatever looks like metall.
Today I was told of a Morris Commersial C4 that did go to the melting pot this summer. Luckily the other one in the area was a bit better hidden in the forrest, and we are going to save it.

What abouth all your Gold?? Could it be the time to tell someone else abouth it?? Many of us knows of bits and peeses but don't share it with anybody, because they might earn a nickel more than you on it....

So next Year, everone have to save at least one of the vehicles that made our history.

A Chineese scrap metal dealers dream :-)

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Old 31-12-04, 20:04
Phil Waterman Phil Waterman is offline
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Default Effect of High Scrap Price

Yes, the rising price of scrap is having an effect, locally here in New Hampshire we have seen several large, old, out door, automotive and truck display, and storage areas (junkyards) have been empty out all being crushed and sold as scrap.

Last year the old vehicle fraternity had to fight introduction of a law hear in New Hampshire that would have classified any collection of three or more unregistered motor vehicle as a junkyard, even if they were stored indoors. Junkyards here are subject to registration with the state along with various screening, setback, and environmental rules.

I along with others testified at the hearings for the proposed law. It turned out that incident that caused the filling of a new law was over four unregistered and unused snowmobiles in the backyard of a home in one States few cities. Once it was suggested to the legislative committee that they look at the number of homes in their districts that would fall under this law, when you count cars, trucks, snowmobiles, boats, lawn tractors etc. they rejected the proposed law.

One good thing did come out of the hearings was that the old car/truck hobby exempted from the existing junkyard law.

As a point of interest New Hampshire a state of just over 1 million people has the 3rd largest legislature body in the world after the US Congress and the House of Parliament. However, we have both of those beat because our legislature is not paid.
Phil Waterman
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