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Default Carrier Tools And Accesories - TRADE ONLY

Greetings Folks,

Once again I am posting a list of rare carrier bits that I am wanting to trade for equally hard stuff to complete my kit.

Some of the itmes are a long shot but you dont know until you ask.

Pictures for all items trade/wanted are available for the asking.
First Number in front of item is my reference number.This does NOT reflect quantity.
Trade gents trade, please and thanks and I can be more than generous to complete this bloody project!
Colourful comments always welcomed!!

Thanks to all,

Here goes.

1 CO1Q-17063 Cutter, Wire
4 21 01A-17017B Wrench, Spark Plug & Cylinder Head Nut
26 C01Q-17190B Spout, Flexable Oil Filler
27 XCTL-103450 Spanner #801, MK1, track adjuster
38 TL-4032 Key, Radiator Drain
40 C01UC-106016B Lamp Assembly, Inspection
47 C01Q-17156 Box, Bulb
52 C01Q-17126A Can, Lubricating Oil
56 C01UC-100722 Wrench Open End 3/16" x 1/4"
69 C01UC-100731B Wrench, Box, Wheel Spindle Nut
80 C01Q-17033 Wrench, Front Hub Retaining Nut
2 CO1Q-17064 Can, 2 gallon
8 C01UC-100720 Head, Pick
9 C01-17168B Shovel, Trenching Type
12 T-16 Cam, Track Tightening T16
28 C01Q-17066 Sheath, 15" blade machete
29 C01Q-17062 Machete, 15" blade
29a) 30 C01UC-106020 Gun, Grease asmbly
31 C01UC-105749 Adapter, Tecalemite gun (NOS)
32 C01UC-105750 Hose, Tecalemite
34 C01UC-100715B Screwdriver, 9-1/2" Perfect
53 72017 S2 Pin, 1/8" x 3/4" Cotter

MKI carrier smoke discharger bracket, Ross reciever(deact), firing cable, NO tube. (Will separate)
MKII Fuel funnel
Gunner's side map cases
Smaller POW oil can
POW's water and oil

3 C01UC-100719 Cover, Canvas
10 C01UC-100745 Wrench, Socket, Pressure Relief Valve
11 C01UC-100717 Crowbar, 3' 6"
16 C01Q-17197 Punch, 1/8" x 1/2" x 5"
25 CTL-7477B Bar, jacking fits in cross shaft
50 48-15021 Bulb, 6v- 1 CP, Instrument Panel
77 C01UC-100701 Wedge, No. 2

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