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Old 10-01-15, 16:04
David Dunlop David Dunlop is offline
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Default RIP Lorne Ertl

Lorne Ertl, a longtime military vehicle enthusiast and member of Prairie Command passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his Mother and Brother.

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Old 10-01-15, 17:41
Rob Fast Rob Fast is offline
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Default We lost a gentle soul yesterday...

Lorne will be missed by many in this community. My sympathies to the Ertle family. Rob and Tony Fast.
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rob love rob love is offline
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I have dealt with Lorne for 30 years, and his passing comes as a shock. He was very dedicated to the hobby. Henry, his dad, only passed away a few years ago, and it seemed like longevity was in his family. This should be a wakeup call to all of us to live every day to it's fullest.
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Bob Carriere Bob Carriere is offline
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Default A nice guy.....

Bought parts from Lorne over the passed years....always a gentlemen...always a square deal....always time to listen and answer questions.

Bob Carriere....B.T.B
C15a Cab 11
Hammond, Ontario
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Old 11-01-15, 01:29
derk derin's Avatar
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Default Lorne's help over the years.

Lorne was one of the very first Military vehicle collectors I was introduced to when I first started collecting & restoring military vehicles back in 1994 and over the years have gone to his place for advice and the odd part I was looking for,Lorne would always have one in his shed.We talked about CMP's and jeeps for hours.Living only 10 minutes away from him was an easy drive when my latest project was restoring a 1943 Ford GPW RCAMC stretcher jeep and needing advice and the odd part,Lorne was happy to help in any way he could.When I first brought the jeep home back in 2010,the first 2 people to come and see it were Lorne and his dad Henry.Unfortunately I never got to show them the finished product and take them for a ride in it.Life is short,shorter than any of us realize!
He will be sadly missed.
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chris vickery's Avatar
chris vickery chris vickery is offline
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Condolences to the Family from Ours.
I spoke with Lorne on various occasions in the past, always a sincere and helpful man.
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maple_leaf_eh maple_leaf_eh is offline
Terry Warner
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Sorry to hear the news. Didn't know the man, but recognize the personality.

Suggest that someone have a word with the family about his collection before anyone starts making decisions. The last thing any of us want to hear, is that a couple of truck loads of scrap steel disappeared down the lane, just so the estate can be cleared in a hurry.
Terry Warner

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r.morrison r.morrison is offline
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Default Deeply Shocked......

Gentlemen.....tonight I'm deeply shocked and saddened at Lorne Ertl's untimely passing. As some of you members know or don't know, the 1943 HUP ZL I currently own, was purchased from Lorne. This deal was initiated ...God....8-10 years ago. I was put into this purchase through Colin Stevens. Lorne had been recently diagnosed with "a heart problem" and had to take early /disability retirement from Winnipeg Transit, where he was a mechanic.
He had decided to sell the HUP and that's where I got involved. We made a deal that Lorne would restore the HUP to it's original configuration, being that it was the only 1943 survivor (I have recently came across the only 1944 survivor). A loose time schedule was set and monies exchanged and the curtain went up on the restoration. During that whole restoration period, Lorne and I got to know one another on the phone calls, which I paid for and lasted as long as 2 hours, due to Manitoba's costly phone rates. Now that I look back at the situation, Lorne had no computer and every thing was done by phone! So his phone bill must have been astronomical. Again, all of this was done over the phone, with some mailed photos. I probably paid more in phone calls than the restoration!!!
As luck would have it....I managed to obtain a contract to do some renovations on certain branches of a Canadian Bank from Vancouver to Winnipeg. The bank shall remained unnamed, as it's nice to get a little "payback" time. Enough said!
As said earlier, my contract ended in Winnipeg. So it was very easy to Zip up to Lockport Manitoba and see Lorne, via the bank. Lockport Manitoba.....for anyone traveling there, is Internationally Famous for Skinners Wieners, a Hot Dog Restaurant Extrordinare!
Lorne walked and showed me around the restoration (ground up) and astounded me with the his knowledge of CMP'S.
During that time, I met his family and had coffee and homemade cake in the kitchen. His father,Henry, was a former carpenter for CBC Television, the early years of television. His mother lived at home and raised 2 boys, Lorne and Craig. They were Prairie People. Lorne not only did his restorations, but maintained a couple of farms. He was a man of the soil! And many a phone call was spent on soil erosion, ploughing, flooding....those things where farming is heart. F"k the HUP!
During this trip, I drove up to Shilo Manitoba and got to meet Rob Love and his "collection" plus get into the back "rooms" of the Museum. An average collectors "orgasim". And Rob just passes it off as an every day matter!
I've I have a tendency to do.
When Lorne's father passed a couple of years ago, I had a problem getting through to Lorne. Lorne and His father were extremely close and the whole time that Lorne's father was in hospital , I always asked about him and it was a major concern to Lorne. Although he continued through his restoration projects, the passing of his father was a major blow to the Lorne, something I don't think he ever got over.
Tonight are my memories of Lorne....although I could go on for a couple more entries...non stop. I will pay my condolences and hopefully a few more passages come in for Lorne. God Bless R.
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Old 12-01-15, 00:07
Brian Gough Brian Gough is offline
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Default Lorne Ertl - RIP

Late Friday night I was shocked and saddened to learn from Jim Fraser of Lorne's sudden and unexpected passing. I extend my sincere condolences to his Mother and to his brother Craig.

Although I have "known" Lorne for many years I never got to meet him in person. Our telephone conversations, while infrequent, were lengthy and always informative. This past Christmas season we didn't connect, it was still on the to do list to "call Lorne". This is certainly a reminder not to put such things off.

Over the years I bought a number of items from him and he definitely was great to deal with - a real square shooter. Anything Lorne shipped came particularly well wrapped and clearly labeled.

I considered Lorne to be a friend and he will be missed. For a picture of Lorne and the story on his Chev C8A Machinery ZL-1 see Army Motors (MVPA) #108.

I spoke with his brother Craig today and made him aware of these tributes to Lorne on MLU for which the family is very appreciative.

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Gord Falk Gord Falk is offline
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Met Lorne about 30 years ago with the forming of Prairie Command Military vehicles Association. Lorne was a fellow vehicle collector and friend. In all our dealings it was seldom cash was ever passed between us, there was always a trade to be made. Lorne's craftsmanship in restoration will be something I will never achieve. You will be missed.
Gord Falk
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Never met him, but still sad....especially when a life is cut short..
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David Dunlop David Dunlop is offline
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For those of you who shared a long distance relationship with Lorne over the years and have not been able to put a face to the name, or voice, I have attached a photo. Lorne is centre image, with another member of Prairie Command, Don Trueman to the left of this picture.

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Lorne Ertl.jpg  
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Old 18-01-15, 05:04
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Default lorne

Sounds like Canada lost a top bloke.
Reading your responses gentlemen moved me to write something from Australia even though I did not know the man.
Rest in Peace and rest easy lorne, there are many that will hold your memory close to their hearts over there.
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