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Old 18-01-20, 14:24
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Default Sanbornton, New Hampshire USA

Hello All,

Are there any Maple Leaf Up members who live close to Sanbornton, New Hampshire?

There is a truck that has come up for sale that I would really like to get more photographs taken of. I have the same truck here in Australia and the truck at Sanbornton, looks to be in original condition. It would be great to have a set of reference photographs taken of the truck. I have stuff missing off my truck that I do not have a clue of what it should look like. Or how many parts I am actually missing. The detail within my copies of old sales brochures only gets me so far.

I have contacted the advertiser - who could totally ignore my message I understand fully that it is rightfully so. The advertisement was placed to sell the truck and not to get hassled from someone living in another country - who just wants some more photographs. The truck might have already been sold too.

Cross fingers and wish me luck that the current owner is kind enough to reply favourably to my message

Kind regards
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Old 18-01-20, 15:12
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Default Details please

Hi Lionel

I'm about 70 miles away so probably closest, what is the truck? If it is military, I can also offer the services of regional military vehicle club to help him sell it I'm the Newsletter editor and we put out a monthly newsletter. I will gladly put photos of the truck and his sales information in the newsletter.

If you can get back to me with details I'll check our membership list see who lives in the area. We have a club meeting tomorrow. If nobody is close I'll take a road trip.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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New e-mail
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Old 18-01-20, 15:16
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Originally Posted by Phil Waterman View Post
Hi Lionel

I'm about 70 miles away so probably closest, .....

Cheers Phil
And a Chev expert, to boot!
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Old 18-01-20, 16:51
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Terry Warner
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I live about 5-hrs drive away, but it is now the coldest and snowiest time of year. For me to venture out would leave my driveway unshoveled and my wife mad enough to spit nails! A road trip would entail an overnight stay somewhere too.

I wish I could help but ....
Terry Warner

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