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Thank you for the pics. They answered all my questions about paint and even the placement of the lathe, drill press and vices.
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Default Truck, 15-cwt 4x2 Machinery , Type " K Light"

I'm posting in this thread as I found a contract card for Truck, 15-cwt 4x2 Machinery , Type " K, Light"

The way I read this card, is that SM.6050 was the order for the Chevrolet C15 4x2 trucks, and the order BM.V.2276 is for the welder plant sets. A clerk has been adding up the cost per unit.

SM.6050 was for Chevrolet 15-cwt 4x2 trucks allocated with WD Census number range Z 5451950to 5455219. I do not think all 3,270 trucks from this order were converted to KL's, though.

Click image for larger version

Name:	co01115(2).jpg
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Here are some quotes from the Workshop Trucks thread:

Originally Posted by Richard Farrant View Post
A "K Light" or as it was officially known "KL", was a 15 cwt truck, described as; "Plant, Welding, Electric, Single operator, Engine driven". Also mated with "Trailer, Gas welding".

It superceded "K" which was a 3 ton 6x4 which carried electric and gas welding equipment as well as two forges, anvils and blacksmiths tools.
Originally Posted by Les Freathy View Post
I am still trying to locate the spec sheet, wonder why it is that things are never where they should be. | have probably taken it of the file and put it back in a hurryinto the wrong one, meantime here's a photo of the Bedford MW K type Machinery
Click image for larger version

Name:	mach3.jpg
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Originally Posted by Les Freathy View Post
and a CMP 15cwt seen this up as both a K type and articised generator
Name:  mach2.jpg
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Originally Posted by Les Freathy View Post
At last here is the spec sheet on the KL machinery
Click image for larger version

Name:	mach8.jpg
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