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Old 11-12-19, 00:49
Ilian Filipov Ilian Filipov is offline
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Default Scammell TRMU detail question

Hi all,
I have this picture from long times and at last I've started to build model of this particular tank transporter:

Looks like early production vehicle, if judging from the marker lights and offside trafficator. However, there is a strange detail I didn't spot before, this one:

No such curved corners on other TRMU outfits, I've browsed all period pictures I have and watched again all footages and TRMU-20 and -30 parts of the REME educational film "Recovery Vehicles". All have square corners there. The same in the factory plans saved by chance from the Leyland holocaust in the early 60s.
Any info on these curved corners will be appreciated.

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Old 11-12-19, 01:06
David Herbert David Herbert is offline
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I think that that curve is not curving forwards, but towards the other side of the cab. The door opening extends into the curved part of the roof.

This was not done on the TRMU but was done on the R100 gun tractor which is what I think this is a photo of. Indeed I can convince myself that I can see the line of the roof to the left of the door opening.

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Old 11-12-19, 07:35
Ilian Filipov Ilian Filipov is offline
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Thanks David,
Regretfully it seems you're right. Pity. However, I still have no less than two backup interesting TRMU-30 variants I can model.
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Old 16-12-19, 16:24
SV2S SV2S is offline
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I concur, almost certainly R100, the rear body can be seen extending toward the rear of the image.
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