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Old 08-11-08, 00:10
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Default Australian Defence Forces - Volvo Trucks

Hi all - conducting some research for a mate. Did the ADF ever utilise, for any purpose, Volvo G88 or F86 trucks? They are mid to late 60s era.
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Old 09-11-08, 23:29
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I think you will come up with a big zero for the Volvos. But don't be too disheartened there will soon be one!

Dan Dennis in Brisbane has just bought a good F86 8-wheeler with beaver tail and hydraulic ramps to carry his Stuart tank. He is painting it up in full military colours.

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Old 10-11-08, 10:45
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Might not have been the biggies, but I believe that the Volvo C303 was trialed by the Army at some stage.(early 1970's.) I have a brand new cabin for one which, I understand, was sent here as spare parts for the trials vehicles. Sorry I don't know any more than that.
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Old 10-11-08, 14:06
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Default Volvos

In the late 1980s, the Army had a fleet of about 30 odd Volvo F12 or F16 prime movers, all leased and used as a stop gap vehicle after the Diamond Reos had been disposed of and before they purchased the International S line trucks.

There is an ex-Army Volvo still in full gloss olive drab on a farm near me. It's still working carting water for most of the year and grain during harvest.

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Old 19-11-08, 00:03
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The late eighties Volvos were leased on a fully maintained basis.

Think this must have been one of the first instances of the military taking vehicles on a lease rather than outright purchase basis.
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Old 21-11-08, 06:38
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Bandiana has a 303 volvo as well if I recall.
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