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Old 07-06-03, 18:05
Garry Shipton (RIP) Garry Shipton (RIP) is offline
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Default Juno Beach Dedication

Taped & watched the museum dedication last night.I don't know about you guys out there,but I for one was a little befuddled when they unveiled the sculpture.Don't get me wrong,it's a nice piece of art,but I was expecting ,in my mind's eye,something along the lines of a charging Canadian soldier,with his bayonetted .303,with one leg up & a determined look on his face,as he meets with the enemy,something along the lines of the WW2 poster titled "Let's go Canada"
As to the brick idea which is in practice at the Trenton museum in the way of a brick path around the outdoor aircraft display,it is a good idea.My late neighbor,Stan Mathews(a WW2 Halifax navigator),& his wife Betty have one inscribed in the path.Anything to support our vets is worthwhile.
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Old 12-06-03, 23:42
Gordon Yeo Gordon Yeo is offline
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Default Juno monument

Garry we have stood in front of to many cenotaphs and statuary dedicated to the fallen of WW1 to appreciate the symbolism of the artists interpretation of the Juno Statue.The statue is no more inspiring in real life than on TV, we will just have to let the statue be a statement for its time.
What we should do is be in awe of Lt. Webb and his directors and executive,they have done the impossible.Today an interprative centre stands on one of the Canadian landing zones of Juno Beach
The polititians may have all flown in by helicopter, load after load, for their time at the microphone and be seen.You know how parades are, hurry up and wait for" the high priced help".They came for the speeches,but it was a day for Lt. Webb and his committee to see their hard work fulfilled.To them our thanks and respest.
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