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Old 24-04-20, 01:10
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Default Canso/Catalina

Just sitting out in the back garden and thinking about how quiet the final approaches are these days into YWG and a very throaty low growl of a pair of old piston engines started growing louder and louder.

It was approaching from the Southeast behind me and when it cleared the trees I realized it was an old Canso/Catalina. Civilian paint job and still with its rear fuselage blisters, but I could not get a registration read on it at all. Have not seen one in town for nearly 20 years.

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Old 27-04-20, 10:21
Dave D. Dave D. is offline
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Default Canso cando

That Canso comes with a great sound. We were parked near the Canso at the Edmonton Airshow with our yellow bus.

It was a great group of folks that worked to bring it over here and it looks like they're still going.

Here's a video clip.
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