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Old 02-12-14, 05:56
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Default What does CGB stand for?

On certain gun parts such as the Canadian sniper rifle telescopes, or the Canadian 22 Enfield rifle chests, or various Canadian Bofors parts, the letters CGB prefix some the part numbers. According to the Canadian Bofors Manual, the CGB refers to:CGB: a) parts re-designed to suit Canadian Production methods but not interchangeable with UK counterparts.
b) Also, in some cases, these part numbers have been utilized in regrouping stores to simplify accounting and storage. In such cases interchangeability will be readily appreciated by a comparison of columns 3 and 6.

So by this, we know what the letters mean, but what I would like to know is what they stand for. Does anybody know?

I note that on the bofors manual, any observations are to be sent to the Controller General Inspection Board of the UK and Canada. Could it be that CGB stands for Controller General Board?
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Old 03-12-14, 08:44
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errrr.... Canadian Government Bits??

Sorry, but sometimes humour - even pathetic humour - helps...
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Default Cgb


I have also noticed this same designation ''CGB'' on REL made binoculars, range finders and artillery directors.

Someone somewere ( our friend Clive Law mentions ) ventured in passing that it might mean ''Contract Great Britain '' but that was dispelled in his book ''' Without warning ''..

So that means we are back at square one ..

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