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Default Tobyhanna Army Depot

Last weekend Wilf Alexander, Frank Moore and I were invited to the Tobyhanna Army Depot in PA for their 100th anniversary open house. It is a huge repair and maintenance facility and was open for tours.
What a phenomenal place. We got to handle the Sidewinder and Maverick missiles, play with the latest night vision goggles, check out the latest in radio equipment and lots of other neat stuff. One of the best displays was a large computer screen with a Jeep side panel. You got to spray it with the $3800.00 a barrel CARC paint and get a score. They use it for training painters at the depot and at bases. The screen shows you an infared type picture of the thickness of the paint to illustrate where it was too thick or too thin and calculated how much you wasted. They had a field hospital all set up with the latest in equipment and we could even have had an MRI. Wow! There were a lot of real good looking 5th wheel trailers for the Humvees but unfortunately we couldn’t take photos even though they let me take my camera with me. The security was everything but a strip and body cavity search. This big guy carrying lots of ordnance and weaponry told me to keep the camera in my pocket so there was no temptation to take it out. After the free meal in the officers mess we took part in a parade of vehicles from our club, the MTA of New Jersey, along with the Red Ball Club and active military. All in all a great weekend. Those Yankees sure know how to show you a good time. Below are a few interesting examples of the latest in base vehicles.
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