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Default Canadian / British Army Manuals For Sale.

Canadian / British Army Manuals for Sale
Prices do not include post. Postage based on destination. I can not consistently log into the Maple Leaf Up forum for some reason, so if interested in one or more of the manuals please email me at

1. Infantry Section Leading 1934, A Guide For Non-Commissioned Officers Commanding Rifle and Light Automatic Sections. Brown card stock covers. 103 pgs. Illustrations. Mint condition. $50

2. Operations Military Training Pamphlet No 23 Part X The INFANTRY IN THE ADVANCE. 1941. 44 pgs. White card stock cover. Near mint condition. Canadian Printing 1941. $25

3. Manual of Elementary Drill (All Arms) 1935. Canadian Printing 1940. 98 pgs plus 11 plates. Light wear, former owners name and detachment stamp on cover. $35

4. Field Service Pocket Book Pamphlet No 4 1939, FIELD ENGINEERING. Canadian printing with amendments 1941. 65 pages. Many illustrations and diagrams. Near mint. $25

5. Field Service Pocket Book Pamphlet No 11, 1939. DISCIPLINE, OFFICE WORK and BURIAL PARTIES Canadian printing 1940. 20 pages, and paper cover. Field Service Pocket Book Part 1 Pamphlet No 13 DISCIPLINE, OFFICE WORK, PAY, and BURIAL PARTIES 1943. Canadian printing 1943. 25 pgs. Paper covers. Both pams near mint for $20

6. Field Service Pocket Book Pamplet No 2A 1941, The “T” PANEL CODE. Canadian printing 1941. 21 pages. Near mint. $15.

7. FIELD SERVICE POCKET BOOK Pamphlet No 8 1941, PROTECTION AGAINST GAS. Canadian printing 1941. 16 pgs. Paper cover. FIELD SERVICE POCKET BOOK Part 1 Pamphlet No 10 1943, GAS. Canadian printing 1943. 6 pgs plus 4 appendices. Paper cover. Both pams near mint. $20

8. FIELD SERVICE POCKET BOOK Pamphlet No 5 1939, Billets, Camps and Bivouacs, Camp Cooking and Water Arrangements. Canadian printing 1942. 32 pgs. Paper cover. Diagrams. Near mint condition. $10

9. FIELD SERVICE POCKET BOOK Pamphlet No 6 1941, MECHANIZED MOVEMENT BY ROAD (Supercedes 1939 edition). Canadian edition 1941. 50 pages. Paper cover. Very good condition. $10

10. FIELD SERVICE POCKET BOOK Pamphlet No 7 1939, Movement by SEA, RAIL and AIR. Canadian printing 1942. 22 pgs. FIELD SERVICE POCKET BOOK Part II No 5 1943, Movement by Road and Rail. Canadian printing 1943. 15 pages. Paper covers. Very good condition. Both for $10

11. Notes for Instructors on the PRINCIPLES of INSTRUCTION 1939. and Notes for Instructors on the PRINCIPLES of INSTRUCTION 1943.Canadian printing 1940 and 1943 respectively. 1939 edition has notes and underling. Red paper covers. Depot stamp. Very good condition. Both for $8.

12. PURPOSEFUL and BASIC PHYSICAL TRAINING 1942. Canadian printing 1942. 40 pgs. Tan card stock cover. Some diagrams. Near mint condition. $5

13. Field Service Pocket Book Part 1 Pamphlet No 5, 1943. APPRECIATIONS, ORDERS MESSAGES and INTERCOMMUNICATION 1943. Canadian printing 1943. 24 pages. Paper cover. Near mint condition. $5.

14. INFANTRY TRAINING Part IV THE Mortar Platoon. 1943. Canadian printing 1943. 12 pages. Blue card stock cover.Near mint condition. 3 inch mortar training. $35

15. Canadian Army Training Pamphlet No 1. A General Background for the Young Soldier. 1942. 196 pages. Brown card stock cover. Profusely illustrated, including colour plates. EXCELLENT MINT CONDITION. This is one of the best examples of this manual that I have seen. $35.

16. Regulations For Drivers of Royal Canadian Air Force M.T. Vehicles. CAP 374. 1st Edition. This book is the Driving Permit for Drivers of RCAF M.T. It was issued to a Cpl A. Shaw? Aug 15, 1944. Driver's info, plus Standing Orders for Drivers of RCAF M.T. Vehicles, 23 pages. Red linen cover. $10

17. Land & Sea Emergencies CAP 361. 1st Edition. RCAF Survival Guide for downed aircrew. Sections on winter survival, bush survival, survival at sea. Many illustrations and diagrams. Approx 4 1/4 inches by 5 inches. Orange card stock covers. (One back cover dog eared.) 91 pages. Near mint condition. $15

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