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Old 06-07-07, 12:45
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Default MBE Register

Does anyone know if a Register exists for this award?

My late F in L ( WO 2. REME) was awarded this in 1945 for "service in NW Europe" & unfortunately the Citation signed by HM Queen Mary, was lost in a flood here in Oz.

My wife is trying to gather as much of her late Father's history as possible.
He was attached to the Newfoundland Regiment (?) LAD possibly Artillery before & after D-Day & is about all we know of his service back then. He was also evacuated from Dunkirk previously.

His service in Mogadishu with REME after WW2 is well known by her family, as is his service with the RA in the '30s & the installation of the guns on Sentosa Island (previously some other name, Blakengmati (sp?) in Singapore.

He enlisted as a Boy Soldier at RA College, Woolwich when he was just a lad & completed his Military life after retiring from RAEME in South Australia as a WO 1. Most of his life he was British & Australian Army

I E-mailed the Imperial War Museum for guidance on this, but they do not mention a Register of Recipients even though I specifically asked this. They did offer a series of Regimental links etc which at this time haven't been followed up, not knowing which way to turn. I told her that a knowledgeable person on here may know.

My wife would dearly like to obtain a copy of the Citation, although it seems unlikely it would be a facsimile.

Thank you in anticipation.

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Old 06-07-07, 18:46
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Default Re:- MBE

It may be possible to find the details in the London Gazette. Without a name I was not able to search here:-

You might find something there. Have you tried the R.E.M.E. Museum or Association?

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Old 06-07-07, 21:45
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The UK National Archives now have Decorations on line. I found my Grandfather's M.B.E. (Mly) recommendation. Wonderful stuff countersigned by the Officers commanding 5 Div, 17 Bde and 2 Northamptons.

Try this link.

If you find him, there is a small charge to download the actual copy.

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Old 07-07-07, 01:37
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Good morning. (well it is here )

Thanks for the responses so far. My wife will follow up on the NA suggestion, but oddly, the IWM didn't mention that one but it looks as though it may certainly help. Thank you, Rich.

Paul, we have the London Gazette details, but apart from giving his Reg. No. & vague details, is not a lot of help. The Heading Entry for all the recipients only gives general info ie. "Outstanding Service in NW Europe......".

But, as we have confirmed details now anything is possible.

We will also contact the Corps Museum & Asscoiation, so fingers crossed.

It was all a bit sad really.
After his death in the mid-North of South Australia a few years ago, a lot of his stuff was tossed out by a then uncaring spouse & his Medal Bar was found secreted in a hole in a stone wall of the cottage.
Carefully hidden it may have been, but fortunately it was found by a caring Grand daughter. Why was it concealed? Who knows? Safe keeping generally? Thievery by said spouse & being flogged off or given away as she seemed to do with all the artefacts of a life time of travel? He would have known this was likely to happen.

As I said, all a bit sad.

Thanks for the assistance so far.

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