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Geoff helping on carrier recovery day, circa 1977 or 78.
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Default From the Kangaroo Association and Archive...

I could not let today go by without remarking on an important figure in the history of the former Kangaroo Veterans’ Association and an early and staunch supporter of their Regimental Archive. A man whose untimely passing came far too early on this day, 10 years ago. Geoff Winnington-Ball.

Though Geoff was not a “Kangaroo” veteran himself, his interest in and knowledge of the Armoured Carrier Regiment came honestly. The son of an RCAF pilot and himself a former member of the Queen’s Own Rifles, Geoff was a great enthusiast of military history and especially military vehicles of the Second World War.

In 1998, Geoff created and published the then premier website on the subject of the Canadian Army Overseas in WW2, “MapleLeafUp”, and a companion internet forum about Canada’s military history with a particular focus on vintage Army vehicles that is still active today (with over 4500 members worldwide and a quarter of million posts).

It was his love for rusty trucks and the Second World War that lead him to discover our “Kangaroo” history and meet kangaroo veteran and our first regimental historian, the late Ken Ramsden. Soon after, Geoff also bonded with several other “Kangaroo” veterans, notably Troopers Art Bell and Arnold Faragher. Geoff convinced the Toronto ‘Kangaroo’ veterans to create a veterans’ association in 1999. The creation of which launched the first “Kangaroo” website “” (now and was instrumental in bringing “lost” kangaroo veterans from across the country together. Geoff had acted as the public liaison, assistant and eventually Secretary to the informal association of 1CACR Veterans that met each year in the Toronto area. Geoff was instrumental in consolidating the primary goals, initiatives and principles that guided the Association right until its end last week. I can also credit Geoff for bringing my Father and me into the Association family, enabling me to meet the many wonderful veterans I knew over the years, encouraging the ‘fool’s errand’ that is the Archive and introducing me to wonderful friends and fellow Kangaroo guardians, Mark Tonner and Hanno Spoelstra.

He had a keen, scholarly mind and was a talented writer. He was a man of good humour and capable of great kindness and generosity. He was both a motivator and an instigator. Geoff got the ball rolling on the work to formally recognize and celebrate the Kangaroos with a Guidon presentation. Sadly, he died just 10 months before it became a reality.

Geoff died in the presence and comfort of his family on Sunday, December 5, 2010, after a short illness, he was only 57 years of age… He spent much of his later years to preserve the memory of Canadian soldiers who fought overseas in WWII, built an enduring community of like-minded people and will be remembered for his significant and impactful efforts and dedication. He left a significant foundation of work that still resonates deeply today.

It is regrettable that he cannot be posthumously recognized. Something such as a ‘Veterans Affairs Commendation’ or a ‘Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers’ would be richly deserved. Though perhaps the continuation of this forum and the wonderful community that he founded is a legacy that far surpasses the trivial nature of medals and certificates?

Rest well Geoff, you are missed.

Bill Miller Jr.
Former Secretary, Regimental Historian and Archivist to the 1CACR Association

@ the 1CACR Archive in Calgary.

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Default Amen.............

R.I.P: Geoff
Bob Carriere....B.T.B
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