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Old 06-02-08, 23:43
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Taisto Hako-oja
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Default John Deer Tank

I found this in the Farm Show magazine. It's not commonwealth but it's unique.
Model U.C. NO-2 MK II.*
SERIAL 25680
HULL 24699. LOWER HULL 24742. ENGINE TL-26707-F.
C.D. 2609.
BUILT MAR. 25, 1944.
CT 266677
Former WASP
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Old 07-02-08, 05:31
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Little bit of over-kill to go after ground hogs but I guess when they fight back you need to arm yourself.

For sure is different. My grandfather has an old Oliver 77 rowcrop that this would work on although I don't think my uncles would be too happy with me.
Jordan Baker
RHLI Museum,
Otter LRC
C15A-Wire3, 1944
Willys MB, 1942
10cwt Canadian trailer
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