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Old 20-08-19, 20:51
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Default Grandpa's M3 Scout Car photo - Need Help!

Hey all,

A quick question! I'm looking for some information on my grandfathers service in the second world war. I recently visited my aunt and found a photo of grandpa standing next to what looks like an M3 White scout car. I'm curious about which units used these vehicles. The photo looks like its in cold weather, so probably the winter of 44. He is the crouching soldier on the right.

What we do know:

He was certainly in the RCA and his rank was Gunner. He fought in NWE - France and Holland. He enlisted with the 8th medium battery in 1940 in Prince Edward Island. My dad seems to remember him telling stories of going forward to "spot Germans" and direct artillery fire. My dad also recalls that he drove/crewed a Universal Carrier. He landed in Normandy a few days/weeks after D-Day.

My Uncle also says he THINKS he recalls my grandpa talking about being accidentally bombed by the US in Normandy - I believe this is quite a well known event and perhaps could help guide me to his unit.

I sent the application for his service records today, so should be expecting them in about 8 months time. But, I figured I would ask here to learn about which units used the M3 and to see if anyone had insight on the photo.

Cheers, and thank you!


Click image for larger version

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Old 25-08-19, 04:07
maple_leaf_eh maple_leaf_eh is offline
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The own-fire bombing that was the worst was in early Aug during the battles immediately before Falaise. There was a mass-casualty event on the bivouac areas where the RCE mapping units happened to be concentrated, and there were 10 or 12 specialists killed. Their losses slowed the war effort.

The second possibility could be a radio deception unit run by the British. One Facebook group I'm in specializes in M3 Scout Cars, and they had a link up for this group. Not many non-Americans used Scout Cars in Normandy.
Terry Warner

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Old 25-08-19, 11:10
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Rick Cove
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The lack of a roller on the front of the scout car might point it to being a British one. They seem to have removed the rollers pretty regularly.

Cheers Rick.
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Old 25-08-19, 16:19
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A good enlargement would probably reveal the WD Number quite well. There are seven digits, starting from the right end and what appears to be just one letter right above the gentlemanís cap badge.

There is also a two character marking just aft of the drivers door that might be repeated on the extreme right end of the front bumper.

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Old 28-08-19, 14:55
Eric Korhonen Eric Korhonen is offline
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One of my 3 uncles who was oversea during WW2 was in the RCA. He went into France On July 7 1944 and was at front lines there and Belgium and where else Iím not sure. He had a breakdown during heavy shelling on them and left the front for a couple weeks and then returned two weeks later when they were accidentally bombed the Americans and saw 7 of his buddies killed. He had been with the 3rd LAA regiment and towards the end of the war he was with the 1st LAA regiment.
I am not sure on timeline exactly where or when this happened, the dates are not marked on his military records. As close as I can figure it was fall of 1944 or spring of 1945. I would really like to find out more on these timelines as well.
Iím not sure if this helps at all or gives you a possibility to a lead for your grandfather Quinn.
If anyone would have anymore information on timelines I would really appreciate it very much.



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Old 28-08-19, 22:29
Eric Korhonen Eric Korhonen is offline
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Thanks Lynn, took a bit but got it done.

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Old 29-08-19, 15:43
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Nice pic... my comments...

Nice to see a Bren Gun mounted somehow... not seen that before, though it makes sense to have a Bren than the 30 or 50 cal.

Interesting no obvious "allied star" on front or sides - probably on hood though.

Rear end looks like it has a wireless antenna mount.

The jackets they are wearing look a bit like the German reversible parkas... if so, this will be somewhere near Antwerp... the Canadian army captured cold weather clothing stores from the Germans in that area in 1944.

Can I share this to a forum who specialize on uniform and armour on Facebook?

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Old 10-09-19, 02:22
mstares mstares is offline
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The GC marking behind the door denotes the vehicle as belonging to the Gun Position Officer of the First troop ("C") of the second battery ("Q" battery ??) of a Royal Artillery (Or Royal Canadian Artillery) field regiment.

Hope this helps.

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