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Old 19-07-12, 17:33
Eric B Eric B is offline
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Default WARNING private message in e-mail



If you receive an e-mail indicating PRIVATE MESSAGE.

Do not open it.

It will send out a message to all of your contacts and will spread from there.

I received one from a trustworthy MLU source, now all of my contacts have been send the same message.

Collecting data on the WW2 Canadian jeep and trailer.
Serial, WD Numbers etc.
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Old 19-07-12, 18:03
Brian Gough Brian Gough is offline
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Eric, thanks for the heads-up.

I did receive an email notice of a "private message" from cmp magazine but fortunately saw your warning first.

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Old 19-07-12, 21:21
rob love rob love is offline
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Anytime I get an impersonal email with a link, or simply a link, I discard it. Your's today got the same treatment.
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Old 27-07-12, 23:23
Marc van Aalderen's Avatar
Marc van Aalderen Marc van Aalderen is offline
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I always right click on "properties" to view the full message header. This will show a lot of info and let you decide if it is a good or bad message.

Marc van Aalderen

Daimler Dingo Mk1B 1941
Daimler Armoured Car Mk1 1943
Daimler Ferret Mk1/1 1959
Ford Universal Carrier No2 MkII* 1944
Ford GPW British Airborne 1944
Lightweight 10 Cwt Trailer SS Cars Ltd 1944
Anti-Tank Gun 6 Pdr 7 Cwt MkII 1942
Daf Trailer YAA602 1954
Daf Trailer AT16-24-1NL 1977
Daf 2100Turbo 1982
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Old 30-07-12, 12:24
Bill Murray Bill Murray is offline
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Hi All:

Please be aware that I inadvertently opened just the email portion of such a PM a few minutes ago. Clicked to open the wrong email out of a series of them.

It had no attachments or files to open and I deleted it as soon as I saw what it was. Hopefully it will not be one of those that sends a flood of similar messages out to the membership.

If so, I sincerely apologize, it was an honest keystroke error.

Dog Robber Sends
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