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Default “Flow of WWII weapons after the war”

This makes for interesting reading:
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Very interesting, thanks Hanno!
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Brian Asbury
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While the armament dealers like Sam Cummings draw attention it is also interesting to remember that there were many dealers in surplus military vehicle parts who catered to all the countries, small medium and large, that needed vehicle spare parts. Export controls also applied to them but maybe not as intensively as for armament dealers. I think this market was covered by a broader range of dealers than the very few big players in the gun business. One big military vehicle parts supplier was Levy Auto Parts in Toronto. I’d like to hear about the others. A review of their inventory and sale records shows how international their customer base was. Like the business that Cummings ran, Levy’s too hit a wall in by the 1980’s as the market for older parts was fading quickly.
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Old 03-12-21, 11:15
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You’re right Bruce, while armament tradings are controlled, vehicle sales are much less so. In the Netherlands we have a couple of international players like Van Dam, Reomie and Commerce-Trucks. As far as I can tell they all started after WW2 when the vast surplus stocks of the Canadian Army overseas had to be distributed in the Netherlands and abroad. Most of these businesses are a former shade of themselves, now often specializing in e.g. sales of Land Rover parts (the full stock of spares taken over from the Dutch Army), or selling ex-military trucks to the African continent where there is a need for off-road vehicles and less stringent emission regulations. These are sprayed white, blue, etc. and are then shipped over, often with the cargo bed filled to the brim with spares and consumables.

Picture shows a Dutch DAF YA-4440 YAD 4-ton 4x4 GS ex- NL Army truck prepared for shipment. This truck was built some 40 years ago and will serve for many more. How’s that for durability, eh?

Click image for larger version

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How about the American company Southeast Equipment Company (SECO) in the US. When I first learned of them it would have been in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Although I was interested, there was no way I could have afforded one of their Half-tracks or an M114 "Woods Tiger" logging tractor. Then they had a yard full of Portuguese Grizzlies and Sextons. I think someone got firmer control on their inventory and now they mostly buy and resell M-series truck parts.
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