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Default Bill C10-A, an amendment to the Firearms Act

Whilst this message might seem to fall outside the purposes of this Forum, I wish to bring to your attention a further erosion of firearms rights ( if we had any to begin with).

Bill C10-A, which comes into force 10 Apr 05, disallows any of you/us who own such firearms as Brens, Stens or FNs to transport them to ANY range in Canada.

Since many of the subscribers to this Forum are most likely to own/possess such firearms, I emphasize that this Act means that you now have a valuable piece of metal and wood which you can never again use. Perhaps you might not even be able to sell it and realize a fair return on investment.

This Bill was first put forward in Oct 02. Have any of you even heard of it? Not bloody likely, since it was done through an Order in Council, a political move which by passes any hope of debate in the House of Commons. A great example of democracy in action brought to you by the lying Liberals. (Remember Alan Rock saying that "Registration does not mean confiscation"?...I was there...I heard it.) Not even Garry Breitkreuz, Opposition critic, has commented on it. You can bet your ass that the next step will be invoking the "Use it or lose it" aspect, i.e. the Feds will say to you "If you can't take your gun to a range, why do you need to have it? Turn it in, with no compensatory consideration."

This Wednesday, I'm taking all of the above referenced firearms to my local range. I'm going to blow away about 200 rounds of .303 (charged in appropriate capacity mags), about 100 rounds of 7.62 in a similar fashion and about 300 rounds of 9mm. Wife will be taking photos during this orgy of firepower so that I can show my grand children what it used to be like in Canada to act responsibly and not be interfered with by social engineering bastards like the goddamned Liberals.
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