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Default moved from Canadian Tulip Festival

Originally Posted by chris vickery View Post
I understand the critism here of our Canadian government but if you refer to the post regarding the Toronto parade, it seems as if there is little support by the Dutch government as well.
I do not expect the Dutch to spend public funds in Canada for Canadian based memorial events relating to the liberation of the Netherlands. The hundreds of millions of Euros of public and private funds spent by the Dutch in the Netherlands acknowledging the liberation of their country could be a lesson for us as Canadians.
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Default Liberation of Holland


Altought i might of put it a little differently , you are definitely right.

Canada should remember it's fallen heroes and those who survived the Liberation of Holland with it's own funds especialy when some of them are still alive..

It would be the least we could do to show them our appreciation.

No offense meant to anyone and no criticism intended.

The guys involved in the Tulip festival and the parade in Toronto are doing wonders with not much financial support and were just asking for a little help and they tought they would ask the Dutch embassy .

Our deciders prefer to honour long forgotten battles of the War of 1812 while true alive heroes go almost unnoticed except on Remembrance day.

The battle for the Liberation of Holland was a true canadian endeavour and success and it was muddy, bloody, difficult , unrewarding and unglamourous .

We even had to negociate with the Devil in order to save the Dutch because those hard nosed Nazi wanted to exchange their lives ( they were thinking of post-war crimes of war trials ) against that of the civilian population they were deprieving of basic , repeat basic necessities .

But our grandfathers and fathers saved the Dutch from famin when nobody else cared..all our Allies wanted was to take Berlin and divide the spoils of war betweeen them.

Now , i have plunged head first into controversy . Put it down on my concussion i recently suffered.

Over and Out.

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