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Old 15-02-05, 20:03
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Default Canadian vets visiting Holland during May 2005

The message below was posted on the guestbook at Mr. Kells is likely one of many Canadian vets visiting Holland during May 2005; I know William Miller is another.

If any members here have related vets visiting Holland, post their details and questions here so the Dutch members of this forum can see if we can help (if needed) on our end. Would be nice to gather up some related vets at some day around the 5th of May!


Name: Ernie Kells
Location: Gibsons.B.C.
Country: Canada
Date: 02-01-2005 om 21:06:35

I am a WW II veteran who landed on Juno Beach June 6/1944 as a rifleman with the Queens Own Rifles. On the 60th Anniversary 2004 my wife and I attended the memorial services on Juno Beach, this was my 1st visit back so it was very emotional. During our week visit we were driven in a convoy by Members of Keep them rolling through various small villages it was something I will never forget. Our plan now is to visit Holland on their 60th liberation and I would like to here from some of your Club members if they have an itinerary for the Veterans who will attend the services in Southern Holland ie Arnhem as I was there at the time. We would like to make contact with one particular person of your group but unfortunately we only have his first name "Josh" he was the owner and the driver of the vehicle we were in. He wore a kilt at the time. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely Ernie Kells
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