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Old 21-09-09, 02:52
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Default Bailey Bridge question

Does anyone know of a Bailey Bridge training kit that might be for sale anywhere?

I understood they were used in a classroom environment to teach Sappers on the nuances of their employment.

Robin Craig
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Old 21-09-09, 16:45
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Default I've seen one listed for sale, but where

I know exactly what you are talking about and one has been listed for sale in the last few years. But for the life of me I don't remember where. But I would check the archives for the old MLU forum, MVPA's supply line, you might drop a line to ask them if they remember seeing it.

Also check ebay strangely enough there are the manuals currently listed.

Phil Waterman
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Old 29-09-09, 02:44
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Default Bailey Bridge training Model

If you do find one for sale, make sure you know what type you are getting as there were kits for both the WWII Bailey and the Post-WWII Extra-Wide Bailey. The WWII kit is made up of mostly wood where as the post-WWII version uses both plastic and metal. I have partial sets of both.

Most of the bridging had classroom training models and these can make up into a very nice collection.
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Old 29-09-09, 04:52
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Default enlightened

Dear Ed,

As usual you provide a wealth of knowledge. Thank you.

Any chance of some pictures of either or both?

I have only once ever seen it at the RE school in Kent in a classroom while I was on a visit in the 1970's.


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Old 30-09-09, 06:46
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Default Training Bailey Bridge - Sydney School of Mil Engineering

Hello Robin

Further to my recent undertaking to get you some pictures of the BB training components held by the Aust Army Museum of Militay Engineering; I must apologise as not now being able to send you some piccies of the Museum's diorama of the BB for a c ouple of weeks, as I have suffered a knee injury that prevents me from driving. Museum members are of the opinion that there may not have been a separate manual for the BB training models.

I fell out of a rubber zodiac during a recent white water rafting day at Sydney's Penrith white water venue (ex- 2000 Sydney Olympics kayak centre), and have damaged knee ligaments.

Like this kangaroo , I am now hopping everywhere.

I will get the piccies to you as soon as I can .


Bruce G
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