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Old 01-04-08, 00:48
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Default who to talk to at Mac's auto parts

Today I phoned Mac's autoparts in New York. I was hoping that I'd be able to speak with someone who knew about flat head motors, in particular the one in the 1942 UC we're restoring. I spoke with a woman who answered the phone but she said unless I knew exactly the part numbers I needed that she couldn't help me. She actually said she hadn't heard of a flat head ford motor and was pretty sure that they didn't have parts for 1. I told her that I'd been referred to them from this site but she claimed she'd never heard of a universal carrier. Soooooooo, I got put onto a "tech" line to leave a message and someone "would get back to me". Is there someone there I should ask for? I was hoping to get a few pointers on part choices, tips etc.

Anyone able to provide info?

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Old 01-04-08, 01:15
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If you go on their web site you can probably look at their catalogue.
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Mac's deals with Commercial Fords, and not military. What you need is a parts manual for the Carrier. If you look at the part number for the item you want, as long as it doesn't start with something like a CTL , or C01UC , you might be OK. These are strictly military part numbers.For instance, your head gaskets are part number C11A 6051. That part number does nt go over to Mac's cataloge, but by using the 6051 code (all head gaskets will be 6051 but with different prefixes to indicate model years) you can see their selection of head gaskets. The gasket kits are in the same area (6008 is the basic item code...all engine gasket kits to this day will have that same basic code from Ford). It would likely be cheaper if you just ordered the complete gasket set for the engine. The part number for a Victor Reinz gasket set is 6082FS. You should be able to order this locally at your NAPA store, or else it can be ordered off ebay for around $65.

Telephone operators generally do not know a lot about engines, and especially not alot about military vehicles.

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As Rob said Macs only deals with commercial Fords. Just be thankful our UC have a lot of common Ford bits in them that ara available today. I wouldn't think they would have anyone there who can talk about Ford Military vehicles let alone one from a foreign country that is over 60years old. I would recommend you don't even bring it up. Just say your working on a vehicle that uses a Ford engine, transmission, rear diff and axle. if they ask tell them but dont expect them to know about the UC.

Whenever I have bought from Macs its always been through their website ordering. The new site with tons of pictures is great as you can really compare the parts listed to what you have in your hand.

There are a few really good Ford Flathead websites on the web that go into the differences and have basic parts breakdowns. Unfourtunalty my young memory has had a C.R.A.F.T. moment and I dont know what they were called. A google search should bring them up for you.
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