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Old 13-02-03, 05:45
cmp_uc_guy cmp_uc_guy is offline
Rust be gone!
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Thumbs up Very nice!

I'm really liking this format!!
anyone wanting Smoke discharger brackets, I've got some for sale.
Rob Groves
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Old 13-02-03, 16:38
Stewart Loy Stewart Loy is offline
T-16, C15A
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Default Value For Money


I see that you did not put a price on the parts, and I know why you did that. If folks want the stuff they should see your site, and contact you directly.

I would like to add my 2 cents worth on this particluar topic.

I have been restoring my Carrier for the past couple of years, and some parts were unavailible. I had found pictures of the smoke grenade discharger apparatus, including the tube, control cable, and bracket. I was able to locate and purchase the tube and cable, but never the bracket. I sacraficed an Enfield rifle for the launcher, having no Ross to mutilate.

I designed my own bracket - having no pattern to copy. My friend the metal fabricator did a super job to replicate the part, and we even modified it when the angle "just did not look right". I have not been keeping an itemized list with prices ( mostly so my wife would not be able to use this against me! ) but I am quite sure it was double your fee when we were done.

Bottom line - your stuff looks good, is availible, and a fellow can easily spend way more fabricating the parts himself.

Rob - thank you very much for going the extra kilometer and helping the CMP community with your reproductions. I look forward to your next efforts - stock track pins for U'Carriers for those of us that could use a few spares.

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Old 14-02-03, 00:26
Randall Randall is offline
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Default casting reproductions.

could you please let me know how to get ahold of your parts. What is your site name? Very nice work of your castings.
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Old 14-02-03, 14:33
cmp_uc_guy cmp_uc_guy is offline
Rust be gone!
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Central Ontario. Canada
Posts: 172
Default casting prices.

Rob Groves here,

I didn't mean to use this great forum as a way to stricktly advertise, Its more of a "freinds" thing, but since my sight isnt up yet....

The castings are in aircraft aluminum and are surface finished, mounting hole pattern is provided.

Prices are as follows. Smoke Discharger Mount: $65.00 US (100.00Can) +Shipping

Wire Hole Cover: $46.00 US/set (70.00Can) +Shipping

Soon, I will be offering Bren Gun Mounts in Brass with release catch (it's quite the think to copy EXACTLY!)

I thank you for your interest!

my email is
my URL is but is not operational at this time.

Rob Groves
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