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Old 24-07-11, 08:33
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Default C60L Bearings and seals

Gentlemen: I'm in the process of putting new brakes on my 1944 Chev C60L. Going the full meal deal, all the way round.
From brakes, we open up the can of worms called bearings and seals. Bearings to this point have not been a problem except for the steering knuckle pin. Has anyone in their restoration process come up with a current part number....or if they're still available??
Secondly would be the seals, for both axles. Current part numbers or a supplier would be a blessing.
To this point, I have not contacted any supplier on the seals, but will be ordering a couple more bearings on Monday.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.....Robert

"If your in for a penny...your in for a pound"
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Old 24-07-11, 10:02
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Robert, go to this subforum, you should be able to find the info in the thread Modern part numbers.

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