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Default GM of Canada model numbers for CMPs

I am re-posting this as a reference thread in the restoration forum as David buried this in a Ford model designation thread:

Originally Posted by David_Hayward (RIP) View Post
I thought it might be helpful to confirm the GM of Canada model numbers for CMPs and MCPs.


8420 C8
8421 C15
8440 CGT
8441 C30S/C30
8442 C60S
8443 C60L
8444 C15A
8445 C8A
8446 Fox and Rhino
8447 Otter and CAPLAD
8448 C8AX
8449 C15TA
8660 C60X

To this must be added all the theoretically available MCP Chevrolet, Maple Leaf and GMC trucks. This is a link to my list of 1940 and 1941-45 trucks by Model Number, etc. BUT not all were actually produced in the war despite them all being listed by GM of Canada. CODE.htm
Sadly, David's webpage CODE.htm no longer exists, and I could not find it in the Internet Archive either.
Did anyone happen to have save the information?
Note: David's web pages which I found to be still online are listed in the thread David Hayward's Automotive History website

Note that '8' was the CMP series, whereas Chevrolet & ML was '1' and GMC '9' as a prefix to the Model number, then '4' and '6' was the series, and '2' was 4 x 2, '4' 4 x 4 and '6' '6 x 6' drive, with the last digit applied sequentially and arguably chronologically as each chassis type was signed-off, ranging from '0' to '9' with the C8/C15 and C60X in separate series from the 4 x 4 series.
I'd like to mention that AFAIK, the second digit in the model number denoted the number of wheels, not a "series" number as David mentioned.

So the CMP model number was built up as follows:
First digit: CMP series "8"
Second digit: number of wheels
Third digit: number of driven wheels
Fourth digit: as David states: "applied sequentially and arguably chronologically as each chassis type was signed-off". Note it restarts when the second digit is raised. So 8420 was the first 4x2, 8440 was the first 4x4 and 8660 was the first 6x6 chassis type.

PS: as "a thread is useless without pictures", here is an example of a C15A data plate, courtesy of Rob Love:
C15 3.jpg
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