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Default Before I forget

Following on my fathers comments, came to when he recalled something, which he thought would have interest to me.

Whilst this is a tad off the forum, my father during the last war, had a position of arms inspector with the RN.

I remember one time when the subject of German "E boats" came up. Most E boots at the end of the war, were given to the UK, with the exception of four that went to the USN.

Most of the English ones were broken up, but at least two including S130, were kept by the RN.

Now comes the strange but interesting part of the story.

Crews selected by the RN, from the original crews, who had not belonged to the Nazi party, operated these two boats, cruising at 45 knots, straight through the Russian fleet exercises.

Of course the Russians had no means of catching them.

My understanding is that the RN hired nearly 2000 men to perform various duties from what was the German Navy.

S 130 is the last surviving Schnellboote and is being restored in the UK right now.

It is also a survivor of the Slapton Sands raid, where three S boats came in and caused the loss of many allied lives.

Truth is often stanger than fiction.


Vietnam Vet and proud of it.
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