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Old 08-04-21, 17:42
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Default Signals Spool for cable reel

Hi All,
I just finished cleaning up this cable reel backpack and now am in search for a spool to finish it off. I believe this is WWII era? And doing internet searches I found no images showing this backpack in use but the different types of spools out there show I am probably looking for a wooden spool of a British design. The metal spools seem to have too small a square for this particular backpack. The square part of the crank rod assembly is 5/8”. The width of the mounting rod is maximum 6 3/4” wide so probably looking at 6 1/2” wide spool and a spool with a diameter of 10” will fit.
If anybody has a spool they are willing to part with or know of one for sale I would appreciate hearing from you.
P.S. I would love to find any images of this backpack in use if anybody comes across one!
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Old 08-04-21, 18:08
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I have some spools of wire that have paired cloth covered wire on them. These are available at the same surplus yard (in fact the same shed) that you got the backpack at. I'll check mine at home to see the diameter fo the square hole. They are 16" in diameter.
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Old 08-04-21, 19:13
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Default Wire Spools

Count me in rob, I have the same backpack, two would be great.
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Old 08-04-21, 19:46
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Derk has informed me that the 16" diameter spools would be too large for this. Oh well, guess I will keep sitting on those spools in the shed.

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Old 08-04-21, 20:19
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The 16-in spools are probably for use with a drum barrow.

That backpack unit is an Apparatus, Cable Laying, No.6A and takes the standard WW2 reel (also usable with the wooden frame ACL No.2 and Bars, Carrying, Lightweight).

If you've got cloth covered twin (twisted) telephone cable, that's definitely worth keeping since it was obsolete in the 1960s - it would be D3 or D8 and was all replaced by the plastic covered D10 (or American equivalent (WD-1?)).

The later reels have a larger spindle and will not fit the WW2 backpack or hand cable laying equipment.

I'll see what information I can find.

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Old 12-04-21, 21:15
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I have 3 of them, without looking they woud be 10" dia. Steel sides with a wooden center. (Small steel plates with square pressed in screwed to the wood) They fit my AOP Carrier and were used on a wooden frame with a shoulder strap. (man pack- infantry???) I'll try and get photos later.

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So many questions....
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