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Old 21-03-10, 00:34
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Default Crusader III AA Mk I

Looking at the few photos of this vehicle, I've noticed there seems to be a difference between the Bofors 40 mm gun platform of the vehicles used in combat and that of the "original" design. The "original" had an open topped "turret" while it appears that those used in combat simply had the standard Bofors platform with side shields.

Is this correct or were both versions used?

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Old 21-03-10, 15:34
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John McGillivray John McGillivray is offline
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You have things a little backwards. The armoured turret was on the later versions.
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Old 17-04-10, 16:28
Alex van de Wetering Alex van de Wetering is offline
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John, are you sure about the full turret version beging the late model? I think I also read that the full turret was a proto and that the actual production model (or better....the small series that was converted) was basically just a Crusader with a Bofors crafted on...and some small shields protecting the sides. But...I agree that it could just as much be the other way round.

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