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Default Indian Pattern Carriers

Hi Gents,

I'm looking into the India Pattern Armoured Carriers (ACV-IP) used by the Indian & Commonwealth Forces. As I understand it, CMP chassis were sent to India, where they were fitted with armoured bodies in Indian workshops.

The Mk II and IIa are fairly well documented and these were basically a turretless armoured car - rather like a large Dingo, with Bren and Boys armament and a crew of three - mainly used as a Light Recce or Liaison Car, as well as an OP vehicle.

However, the Mk I seems to be very difficult to track down. From Indian cavalry organisations, it was clearly used as a light APC in lieu of the Universal Carrier in Recce Regiments. George Forty claims it was based on the experimental Guy Wheeled Carrier. He also states that the appearance varied depending on which workshop did the modifications.

I have a photo of the Guy Wheeled Carrier, but I can't find any photos or plans of the Mk I IP Carrier. Are the above comments correct? Was it basically a wheeled Universal-type troop/weapon carrier? Can anyone help?

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