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Old 04-05-03, 15:34
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Default militaria show

hi guys,
i want to know if there's any militaria show in the ottawa region schedule this summer??Also, I'm planning to go in ottawa during my vacation.Anybody can give some military attraction point to visit??
luc desormeaux
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Old 04-05-03, 15:54
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Default Ottawa,

VIMY house is a must see..
Sunday morning 9-12:00 is free if it is the same as last year...Even if not it is only a few bucks and well worth it..
Champagne Av...Ottawa..
Every Wed.evening..18:00 on....Tim Hortons Merrivale across from the experimental farm....Wheels of Victory meet ,drink Timmy's ,and tell swap ideas...Lots of fun...Hope to have some CMPs ready to rally this year..
Gordon Pringle...Anson...Lots of other wing nuts attend..Including me when I can get there..
Big "Do" in Chatsworth(Just south of Owen Sound and just outside of Pothole ,Ontario),on the 28th June....Starts on the 20 whatever and ends when ever Jeff Caldwell gets sick of you and either kicks you off or puts you to work on the farm...
See his site for details..
This is going to be "THE MEET" of the summer with the fall meet at Coe Hill the fall event...
Alex Blair
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