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Old 08-06-16, 16:43
Jim Burrill Jim Burrill is offline
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Default Question: Did all Mk2 carriers have mount blocks for fording plates?

What was the guidance on Mk2 carriers having the blocks around the top of the hull for mounting the temporary wading plates/ fording plates?

Does anyone have an original to photo and measure?

Most carrier pics have the welded on mount blocks with no "cover" or bolts.

Any reference to the waterproofing tar - Bostic? - being cleaned off after Normandy? Was it allowed to wear off?

Was there a set date after D-Day that the troops stopped waterproofing their carriers? I am assuming they stopped pretty quickly after the beach-heads were secure, but just have never read anything on the topic.
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Old 08-06-16, 17:26
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Jim, contact Kosbie on here as he had an original front armour section with blocks in place.
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Old 08-06-16, 19:32
Petr Brezina Petr Brezina is offline
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Can give you measurements for plates Jim.
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Old 08-06-16, 21:47
kosbie kosbie is offline
Rick Overy
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I think from memory the waterproofing compound was a sort of putty with asbestos fibre in it. I will see if I can lay my hands on the reference but it may take a while.
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Old 09-06-16, 00:13
Michael R. Michael R. is offline
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Default Bostic

The wading manual lays out the materials and methodology for each carrier model.
See: Chilwell, 63/57, June 1943. Three types of Bostik compound are described.
With thanks to Stephen C. (UK)

See also Watson, U.C. Vol. II showing some Bostik compound remaining in place long after the waterproofed carriers left the coast, NWE, June-July 1944. There are plenty of post-June 6/44 images showing carriers without wading pads welded in place.

Wading pads were factory installed on Windsor Carrier Mk-I/I from the 1,340th vehicle. (Inventory Cards, Bovington T.M. archives)
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