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Old 02-02-11, 23:20
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Default Queensland Cyclone

Watching our TV and the general news here, it looks like a very nasty patch for our mates from OZ.

Assuming their power is not down, can someone either there precisely or nearby give us any kind of an update??

A very sad time for that area of Australia, what with the floods and all and now this.

Our prayers are with you.

Dog Robber Sends
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Old 03-02-11, 00:17
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The worst is over and thankfully the Cyclone missed the main population centres but has destroyed several rural communities. Power to 127,000 people is down as well. It also looks like the Banana and sugar cane industries have been wiped out as well. As yet no reports of any deaths.

Thanks to a smaller cyclone that hit the same areas a week ago plus the large Cyclone Larry of a few years ago most folk were well prepared for this event.

More later as the news comes in.

Cliff in Gympie 1500K's South of the disaster area
Cliff Hutchings
aka MrRoo S.I.R.

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Old 03-02-11, 05:50
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One saving grace between the ongoing natural occurences in Australia and North America, is you don't have to shovel rain.
Terry Warner

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