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Old 14-08-19, 13:00
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Default impossible?

How is this possible? What are the chances?

I have spent hours looking for the engine number of this truck no 3 in the books

Anyway I gave up and went back to check engine number of 51555

The engine number I am chasing 42484

Name:  eng no 2C42484F.jpg
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Size:  73.7 KB

I glanced up to truck 51554 and I could not belive my eyes

Click image for larger version

Name:	consecitive.jpg
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Size:	30.0 KB
ID:	108605

I have brother trucks! unbelievable!

I got 51555 from Beaudesert and 51554 from Dalby

I'll bet those trucks could not believe their headlights when I parked them together again. What stories they could tell.
One loaned to the yanks and the other stayed home


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Old 14-08-19, 13:20
David Herbert David Herbert is offline
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Does the entry for 51555 not read: "U.S. when returned to Australian Army" ?
Could the "U.S." mean serviceable rather than America ?

As you say an amazing coincidence !


Response to Mike Cecil (post 34): That will teach me to proof read ! I did of course mean 'unserviceable' in this post, having a vague memory of reading about this status, which was actually from Mike's post number 3 in this thread. I will crawl back in my hole now !

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Old 14-08-19, 14:47
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Old 14-08-19, 16:57
Mike Cecil Mike Cecil is offline
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David, see post 3 above re 'US'.

Quite remarkable indeed! Out of tens of thousands of trucks, you get two with sequential ARNs.

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Old 16-08-19, 13:34
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Default another day

I managed to get another day or three on the ford chassis

I have removed the remaining welds of the attachments

The welds were high strength, therefore hard and time consuming to grind, with barely any sparks coming from the disc

I have straightened any bends in the top and bottom of rail sides

I have fill welded all the extra cut holes in the rails, and filled the bigger ones in this cross member

Name:  ch1.jpg
Views: 85
Size:  88.9 KB

The welds have all been ground back flush, and then disc sanded

I found a swelled section between the outer and inner chassis rails, behind where I had removed the cross member, so I cut a piece out of both inside rails, finding plenty of rust from the inside of the inner thin rails, and will replace these pieces after the sandblasting

Name:  ch2.jpg
Views: 87
Size:  101.8 KB

I have done the 'total bolt removal' and now a 'partial rivet removal' with the damaged front engine mount crossmember, and the radiator mounts removed
I have also removed these parts out of the 'crane' chassis ready to go in

Name:  ch3.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  94.2 KB

All these pieces and the chassis are scraped and wire wheel brushed clean, along with the mudguards, ready to sand blast

I hope I am at the bottom of the deconstruction, because this dismantling does not feel like progress, and the outside workshop looks like a Blitz grave yard

time for
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Old 17-08-19, 01:51
Ken Smith Ken Smith is online now
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Good day Rod,
A lot of hard work there. Well done on your efforts.
I know how hard it is, good to see that you are so focused.
That is a real bonus with the two ARNs being sequential.
Cheers Ken
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1942 Cab 13 F60L ARN 58171 Mach "D" Loading
1942 Cab 13 C15 ARN 62400
1945 Cab 13 C60L ARN 77821
1941 Chevrolet 3 Ton GS ARN AIF L16070 Middle East veteran
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Old 21-08-19, 14:50
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I had a phone call late yesterday about a gap in a production line
so loaded the trailer with some ford parts, arriving there after dark
and tonight, a long way after dark these pieces of "mining equipment"
were delivered back to me, sandblasted and etchprimed!

Click image for larger version

Name:	sb1.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	87.5 KB
ID:	108708

includes 2 guards, both crossmembers with brackets, both radiator mounts, half the floor and a jerry can

I was told there is another gap in a couple of weeks, "we'll let you know" they said

sometimes it just all comes together
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