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Old 11-02-20, 12:31
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Default Chev 216 crank and big end bearings

Morning all,

My C8 has developed some knocking noises and the oil pressure isnt good, dropping right off once warm. Compression is good, so we are thinking a bottom end rebuild.

I've read a few of the posts on here about obtaining the bearings/shells. Sadly some of the ilinks are out of date.
LWD havent got any. So its looking like the states, but many of the companies dont list them. Has anyone recently purchased any big end and crank bearings? if so where from?

While I'm at it (well my mechanic friend!) I'm going to refurb the gearbox. bearings seem to be available, again from the states, but the shafts seem to be more difficult to locate. Any ideas?

Many thanks
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Old 11-02-20, 12:42
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Hello Richard,

A number of suppliers come up as results when doing a keyword search for:

1940 Chev Truck parts USA

In the past I have ordered parts from Jim Carter's Old Chevy Trucks Go to their website and type in 216 bearings into their search box and it eventually brings up a screen with a range of different engine bearings.

There is also an excellent forum just for old Chev trucks called the Stove Bolt Forum - there is a special section for Tech Tips.

I hope this is of some use to you?

Kind regards
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Old 11-02-20, 12:56
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Jim Carter Truck Parts of Independence, Missouri have a good range of parts for Chevrolet trucks from the 30's to the 70's. I have dealt with them in the past and have been quite happy with the service.
You are aware Richard that the 216 did not have shells in the big end? The connecting rods can be bored out to take them but they were originally a cast bearing.

Hell no! I'm not that old!

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Old 11-02-20, 12:58
Richard Nixon Richard Nixon is offline
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Many thanks Lionel.

I've been on the Jim Carter site and theyre out of stock. The filling station havent go the main bearing shells listed.
I'll look at the stove bolt forum.
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Old 12-02-20, 03:07
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Default bearings

Hi Richard

You have to decide if you wish to keep the original setup with the poured rod bearings or the other option is to have the rods machined out to accept the more practical and modern slipper type shells.

PS A seller on UK eBay had 216 main bearings that was around 12 months back
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Old 12-02-20, 23:11
Alex van de Wetering Alex van de Wetering is offline
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Any idea what (over)size you are after? David and Mike are correct. your 216 originally had poured babbitt conrod bearings. .20 conrods are available NOS here in Holland, I think from LWD and another source.

Main bearings....sets are offered on Ebay from time to time, but some sizes are more difficult to find than others. If you do go Ebay, make sure you get a set for early 216's as later ones used a different size.
Main bearings on the Chevrolet G508 (1,5ton with the Jimmy nose) are the same as Canadian 216. Jeep-Dodge-GMC in France have some NOS sets available.....but check part numbers to be sure if they are the correct ones.

LWD does have 1 of the Main bearings available NOS....the one with the "cheaks", if you know which bearing causes the knocking.....

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Old 17-02-20, 00:37
Richard Nixon Richard Nixon is offline
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Many thanks chaps!

Until my mechanic friend Mark gets in and we have a look, I dont know what sizes we need. The 1945 rebuild plate shows everything as standard - but that was a long time ago and many owners since!

The Filling station in the states has them available I've since discovered. I'll check the part numbers out as the ones in France might be good.
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