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Old 28-02-04, 16:20
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Talking The CMP "annual"- huzzah!

Happy Birthday to us!

With issue #14 just on the verge of mailing, Convoy Magazine is now entering its FIFTH year!

Its like a “CMP annual” in four installments every year.

Its been a long and uphill battle against a number of obstacles, not all technical, but here we are!

During the past 14 issues, there have been many articles and photos of CMP’s, carriers, tanks, motorcycles, artillery etc etc..
This has been information and photos most of which are not to be found anywhere else!

We‘ve also had many exclusive first hand veteran’s accounts of their experiences.

We’ve talked about restoration projects and shown accurate restoration and reproduction diagrams of CMP and UC parts and layouts, profiled collectors and their vehicles, answered military object mysteries, reviewed Canadian military books, talked about all manner of related history, interspersed with period adverts and posters and so much more. We've even given out as prizes and rewards. literally hundreds of dollars worth of new books on Cdn Military history!

For the true fan of CMPs and Cdn militaria, there’s been all manner of informative and entertaining material. It’s the only national (and international) magazine dealing exclusively with CMPs, other Canadian military vehicles, and Canadian military history.

The important thing is that it’s a cooperative non-commercial effort which is created thanks to the input from its membership and designed by and for the CMP enthusiast.

Visit to see.
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Old 01-03-04, 00:18
Garry Shipton (RIP) Garry Shipton (RIP) is offline
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Default Happy Aniversary Convoy!!

You know guys,I read threads from everywhere,especially down in OZ about CMP's,but being from Montreal,I've never had the opportunity of touching one,cause they're rare here in the East.especially Quebec.Oh yes,I've seen a few before I got into this stuff,but for the life of me,I can't remember where I saw them,painted different colors,out in the farmland.But now I know.I seach for their ugly little snub nosed fronts every time I'm in farm country.The first time I saw one live was at the Dieppe Ceremony two years ago when the Belgians were here.I had the opportunity to meet Marc,sweat all over his C60GS that looks like it just came out of a Chevy dealers' showroom, which I now call "The Green Beast",smell her canvas,oil,bruteness,listening to her idle,sit in her,seeing the engine cover.My dad,every time I was in one,told me in no uncertain terms,"Do not touch the engine cover"But I had to.Now I know why!!Well,it's clubs like MLU & Convoy that today make me log on to both every day to learn more of the vehicles our dads drove
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Old 01-03-04, 02:24
Gord Falk Gord Falk is offline
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Happy Birthday Convoy,

Just to add my Thanks to Marc, for his dediction to the hobby through the publiction of Canada's only military vehicle magazine. I have been a subscriber to Convoy from issue one, my only complaint is that it isn't published more often. I look forward to the vehicle articles, right now I am using the article on the 15cwt POW container to convert rear mount boxes to front mount boxes for my Ford GS.

Looking forward to the March issue,

Gord Falk
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Old 01-03-04, 02:35
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Default Many Happy Returns

Marc; As a subscriber from issue #1, the evolution is amazing. For a purely CMP flavour, it can't be beaten. Looking forward to the March issue.
Many Happy Returns.
Cheers, Bill
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Old 01-03-04, 02:53
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Default Here, Here

Marc, as I've said to you on more than one occasion, your dedication and hard work within the cmp community is outstanding. If it weren't for fellas like yourself to help promote and preserve our heritage it would surely be lost. Keep up the good work!
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Old 01-03-04, 02:55
Gordon Yeo Gordon Yeo is offline
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I found Convoy two years ago and enjoy the format and info.I agree with Gord Falk it comes too seldom and reads too fast.
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Old 06-03-04, 19:37
Alex Blair (RIP) Alex Blair (RIP) is offline
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Default Convoy 14...

Has arrived at the Heron Rd Estate...
Convoy Magazine and MLU are two of the information vehicles we have in Canada to promote Canadian Military History and Canadian industrial might during the war years and beyond...But more important are the people that have lead the way and passed by on the road of Valour and Honour....
In this Convoy is the story of one of these dedicated souls that has brought a Canadian built Sextant back from the grave to resore it..His story is in the Magazine this month along with a great and indepth acount of the building of the 25 pounder by Sorel Industries Limited during WW2...Again the people involved carry the message ....
I have supported both Forums sine day one on both and would have it no other way...Please support both MLU and Convoy in any way you can,be it membership,articals ,subscriptions information ,pictures and beer...
To loose either forum would be catostrophic..
Marc...Don't sue me for plagerizing your front page but your copyright fees are in the form of twenty year old Rye..waiting for you to come and collect...
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Alex Blair
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