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Old 12-01-19, 06:06
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Smile Annual "It's HOT!" thread

Things are a bit dry and hot around here...
Today's temp not recorded in the chart, I can report that it's currently 108'F
Converted to Fahrenheit. Looks more impressive that way.

How are things on the northern side of the globe?
Howard Holgate
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Old 12-01-19, 14:39
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Default Shorts and Flip-Flops Weather Here

No air-conditioning required here as it is a pleasant -18C in Ottawa today. While enjoying a cold beer on the front porch I have spotted the odd raccoon, rabbit and wild turkey but have not seen any crocodiles, wallabies or dingoes.
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Old 12-01-19, 21:31
Paul Singleton Paul Singleton is offline
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Default Cold here also.

Minus 11 Celsius here this morning in Yarker Ontario.
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Old 12-01-19, 22:13
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I was in Baghdad the summer of 2016. Was happy on days the high temp was under 50c. Although 120, 128f sounds really hot the concept that the temperature was halfway to boiling frightened me more.

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Old 13-01-19, 00:43
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Rick Cove
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Not too bad here today, 9 days ago 4th Jn 2019, it was 103.28,(39.6C) at 11.00am and rose up to 105.26, (40.7C) at 11.06 to the hottest of 109.76 (43.2C) at 1.15pm. Normally this time of year it is in the mid 30C.

We get plenty of wind here being close to the sea and on top of a hill and that generally keeps it a bit cooler.

40+C was very common when I was a kid growing up in Yea in NE Victoria. Nowdays the media have to make a big thing about it, where as we thought nothing of it back then.

Regards Rick.
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Old 13-01-19, 01:09
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Have to agree, Rick. I'm always amused by the 'it's the hottest day for X years' or similar, then the dire warnings about Global warming. What they don't seem to grasp is that, X years ago it was a hotter day!!

I can remember when growing up in suburban Melbourne, trying to sleep in 100+ F temps, and school days stuck in a stuffy classroom where the air conditioning was to open the windows.

I think we've all gone a bit soft with our aircon cars, aircon houses, aircon work places .... even many military vehicles are equipped with temperature controlling devices for the crew these days.

Anyway, a mild 32-34 F here today, snow has just about all melted, the sun is weakly shining through the high but wispy cloud, and I'm in the workshop having a good time welding. Perfect!!

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