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Default Greece retreat

How to disable vehicles ...the hard way

Interesting vehicles on the move
1940 cab 11 C8
1940 Morris-Commercial PU
1941 Morris-Commercial CS8
1940 Chev. 15cwt GS Van ( Aust.)
1942-45 Jeep salad

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Nice film footage, Mike. Well spotted.

The first shows the method of disabling if you cannot just set fire to it: the smoke attracts attention. There is a methodical method to disabling each vehicle as laid out in the manual, but hard work! The Australian units alone left some 2,500 vehicles and trailers in Greece, many of them issued new prior to the commencement of the campaign.

The second film shows some nice footage of the Aust Memorial at Villers Bret - the battle damage, and some incredibly low fly-pasts. The Germans in WW2 were generally careful not to disturb the WW1 memorials (other than when fighting actually took place around them), the only Aust one purposely taken down by the Germans being the big bronze at Mont Saint-Quentin which they found quite confronting: an Aussie bayoneting a prostrate German Imperial Eagle. See


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great footage, thanks for the heads-up Mike.

is that Bernard Freyburg at about 40 secs into the first clip?

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