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Old 27-05-22, 20:22
Bruce MacMillan Bruce MacMillan is offline
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Default War & Peace..NOT

I see War and Peace has been cancelled again. This makes three years in a row.
They cite health and safety concerns but I wonder if that was a euphemism for lack of participation. Would brexit have influenced any of our members from the continent from attending. There was always a large contingent of dealers and re-enactors.
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Old 27-05-22, 21:52
Mike Gurr Mike Gurr is offline
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This is only a personal opinion but yes I suspect lack of participants has made it not viable to run, and why, well for me they have priced themselves out of the market. 125 per vehicle to exhibit!! I don't know any other shows where we as exhibitors have to pay for the privilege of putting our vehicles on show so the event organiser can charge the public to come and see them.
Speaking for myself and immediate friends who have previously taken our vehicles there each year none of us were going this year for that reason.
Mike Gurr

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Old 28-05-22, 01:45
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I myself have not been to the War and Peace show but do see and understand the similarities even an ocean away.
I have been a participant to various shows over the years both in and out of the HMV scene.
It almost seems that these events have finite timelines for whatever reason.
I know here in Canada, whenever things are rolling along well they suddenly collapse upon themselves.
It can be anything from a change of venue, an unwillingness to adapt, change up or add new things to the agenda or exorbitant pricing due to greed.
Almost as if when others are having a grand time, someone needs to step in and carve out their pound of flesh.
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