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Old 11-12-10, 00:52
elvis3006 elvis3006 is offline
Rob D.
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Default registering MV's

hi Guys,not trying to start rumours just get confirmation. i have heard that people trying to register ex CDN MV's like the Iltis and MLVW's are not able to,is this true and only centred on ex CDN modern Army vehicles and not WW2 pattern? thanks for any clarification. Rob
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Old 11-12-10, 02:44
Grant Bowker Grant Bowker is offline
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I guarantee that there are people in Ontario who have managed to register their Iltis (unless they are all fraudulently using the plates off something else, not likely). I did successfully register a M135CDN (about 20 years ago) but there are rumours that the MLVW is more difficult. I don't know if this is somehow because you can't get a safety check done on it or due to difficulty with paperwork (for example the government branding the truck as "for parts only" or similar). I suggest talking with the mechanics or service manager at an independant truck shop to verify that they can be safetied.

As I understand it, and I am not an expert, the requirements for getting plates on a WW2 era vehicle in Ontario are: prove ownership, pay sales tax on the vehicle's value (it may be cheaper to register it as unfit immediately after buying it so the assesed value is lower) get a safety check done bearing in mind that it should only need to meet the equipment standards for the date of manufacture (in other words seat belts and signals should not be needed, but if installed must work correctly), get insurance, get plates. You may end up having to read the relevant legislation so that you are better informed than the licencing clerk and can politely explain that the regulations actually support what you want to do. Keep in mind that even many senior clerks have never had to register a vehicle older than themselves and may not be familiar with the process. My comment about independant garages for the safety is still good for older vehicles, you may actually be able to talk with the mechanic, who may not be one of 15 apprentices supervised by one overworked licenced mecanic, who might actually have been trained on non-computer cars and perhaps most important might be interested in your vehicle.
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Old 11-12-10, 02:49
elvis3006 elvis3006 is offline
Rob D.
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: ONT Canada,near Owen Sound
Posts: 73

thank you Grant
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Old 11-12-10, 02:55
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This link may help you out somewhat from what I went through to get my Willys MB on the road. If you have any further questions let me know and I will try to remember.
Jordan Baker
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Otter LRC
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Old 11-12-10, 03:18
Gordon Yeo Gordon Yeo is offline
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Default registering vehicles

If the Iltis was sold as branded salvage only bill of sale, as some have been, it cannot be registered. If it was sold by a sales agent given the marketing rights by DND and issued a bill of sale including the registration number it can be registered with the original bill of sale.

MLVW trucks are sold as salvage only and are not department of transport safety standard compliant. They thas been much moaning and whinning that this, "is not fair". But, a single cell master cylinder brake system doesn't pass modern department ot transport safety regulations. Government can do it, we cannot.
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Old 11-12-10, 16:29
maple_leaf_eh maple_leaf_eh is offline
Terry Warner
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Without stirring the poo too much , how do all the hotrod builders get their creations plated?
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Terry Warner

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