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Old 27-05-14, 14:16
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Default AQUINO TANK DAY 2014 - Oshawa, ON CANADA

Hello all, I just wanted to send out a last minute reminder about the Ontario Regiment Museums 2014 event. The show is coming up fast, on Saturday May 31st 2014. Aquino Tank Day is the largest event the museum has hosted and it is sure to be promising!

For more information visit the museums website...
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Old 27-05-14, 17:52
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This event is also home to a large armour model show -
Service Publications will be launching "Canada's Pride - The Ram Tank and its Variants" at the show and author Roger Lucy will be on hand to sign copies and answer questions.
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Old 28-05-14, 02:23
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And some of us will be there running vehicles around for your delight and delectation.

You will want to ask some questions like "curious markings on your CVRT / Ferret can you tell me about them?" and you will get a reply such as "this vehicle is a first Gulf War vehicle with provenance and these markings while looking a bit odd are actually what the vehicle was painted in and the original crew are right over there, there are visiting from the UK just for the event".

That wont happen again for a long long time.

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Old 02-06-14, 13:38
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Default What a Show!

Well the event is history - it is obvious a tremendous amount of time, effort and funds went into the event. Lots of historic vehicles, demonstrations and live ( blank) firing- models, books , vendors etc. Something for everybody. Where have you ever seen so much running armor in Canada? Probably the first time many of the audience ever actually saw a running tank.
A few minor issues to sort out for next time. more food vending required and perhaps move the vendors out onto the main field instead of hiding them way out back in the garage. Congratulations and thanks to all for a great event!!
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Old 02-06-14, 15:54
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Kudos to an excellent show!
If I may, a few suggestions;

-add concrete barriers to arena area for safety reasons

-water truck to keep dust down

-additional signage for passway between main building and show area.
It was somewhat confusing as vehicles were parked all along the fence and pedestrians had to wedge their way between parked armour and newly installed fencing to access the garage area as the driveway was cordoned off.
Some vehicles should have been moved to the side and the pedestrian walk clearly marked.
Perhaps the vendors should be moved to the open area and use the garage for displays of projects in progess or whatever

-food, good, but expensive and line ups way too long- share the wealth and add some more food vendors
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Old 03-06-14, 06:10
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All good comments i'm sure the organisers will take them on board.

There was a lot of work done by many volunteers, hats off to them.

Great to be a part of it all in a small way.

Mr Phillips I would like to meet you some day . . .

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